I’m a digital product expert, author, entertainer, and activist. My portfolio of thought leadership in digital marketing and web experiences has included major clients like Microsoft, Google, Twitter, eBay, and Facebook. I’m also a freelance health and fitness journalist with over 400 stories written since 2018, a podcaster with 200 episodes to my name, and a YouTube channel with over 100 fitness and activism-oriented videos and live streams.

In 2020, I founded the Fitness is for Everyone™ initiative to raise awareness about social injustice in both racial inequality and socioeconomic disparity in access to quality fitness and nutrition options around the globe.

My Story

After a childhood in the suburbs of Seattle, it impacted me profoundly to experience social inequality elsewhere in the country. A stint as a student at a historically Black university in Mississippi changed my worldview and taught me the importance of active and open dialogue about the disparity of the American experience for those without the inherent privileges of being male, heterosexual, and white. Since then, my activism has been a critical part of my contributions to the world.

Get In Touch

I’m here to be of service to the health and fitness community. If you have booking opportunities, are interested in analysis, or just want to network, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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