Naked Katrin Davidsdottir, Professor Ben Smith, and RPM’s New Rope

2015 CrossFit Games champion Ben Smith has released details about his upcoming CrossFit Krypton training camp. It’ll run September 28th and 29th, and is broken down into four segments: skill work, weightlifting, conditioning, and a second weightlifting portion. It’ll include two question and answer session, and lunch is included. Sign up on on their website.

Katrin Davidsdottir will be featured in ESPN’s “Body Issue”, which is an annual edition of the magazine featuring artful photos of athletes in the nude. Yes. Katrin Davidsdottir naked. Grow up. This will be the final issue of ESPN’s printed magazine as they transition to web-based operations. See some naked Davidsdottir and other athletes, like the entire Philadelphia Eagles offensive line, on September 6th.

RPM has released the latest in their line of speed ropes. They’ve dubbed the RPM Session 4 as a double-under machine. We don’t know if you’re a jump rope nerd like us, but here’s what it’s got:

They’ve added a dual bearing system that helps with better spin and a smoother feel.

The stem has been reinforced to help with the wear and tear on the parts that receive the most abuse

They’ve made the sidewalls thinner, which cuts back on the overall weight of the rope.

At the same time, they’ve kept some of your favorite features from the Session 3 (like precision machined aluminum handles, dual-axis rotation, and coated cable) and offer the same epic engraving options.

Tommy Marquez with Morning Chalk Up wrote a great article about the use of WODproof for online qualifier events. WODProof Go is an app that films your workouts and superimposes a timer and timestamp, certifying you completed a workout on the date and within the time you’ve reported. This solves a dishonesty problem with athletes submitting a score they haven’t achieved, then training and eventually submitting a video when time comes for video review. So far, eleven CrossFit Sanctional events have announced they’ll use it for the 2020 CrossFit Games season. Read more at 

The latest Buttery Bros video is out, and it features Marston and Heber in Miami with Jessica Griffith, Brooke Wells, Dani Speegle, and Noah Ohlsen for an International Online Qualifier announcement, water sports, and plenty of other shenanigans

CrossFit’s mainsite workout of the day is some true CrossFit for the hungry CrossFitter in you. Complete three rounds, for time, of 50 squats, 7 strict muscle-ups, and 10 hang power cleans. Women use 95 pounds on the barbell, and men use 135 pounds. So far nobody has commented on the site with a time where they completed this RX. Will you be the first?

And that’s it for news about CrossFit on Tuesday, August 27th.

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