McDonald’s Turns CrossFit, IOC’s DT Ladder, and Armen Hammer’s Open Tips

Morning Chalk Up dug into the history of the CrossFit’s girls workouts. If you’re new to the lingo, these are not workouts designed for women – they’re workouts named after women. Chairman and Founder of CrossFit Greg Glassman grouped these workouts as benchmarks; workouts you could eventually repeat to gauge your progress and status within the community. The likes of Kelly, Nicole, Annie, Eva, Amanda, and Fran are legends in the space. To read the full article, visit Morning Chalk Up and find the link in our show notes.

Armen Hammer of ArmenHammerTV took to his favorite platform of YouTube to discuss strategies for approaching the 2020 CrossFit Open. You can find details by zipping on over to his channel.

The third workout of the International Online Qualifier has been released and it breaks out the heavy(ish) barbells. 

Athletes trying to earn invites to WODAPALOOZA, Filthy 150, Southfit CrossFit Challenge, and the Atlas Games will be doing a unique CrossFit DT ladder workout. 

If you’re not familiar with DT, it’s a hero workout named after a fallen soldier. DT involves three rounds for time of 12 deadlifts, nine hang power cleans, and six shoulder-to-overhead. 

We’ve seen a couple of variants before: double DT with twice the reps and heavy DT with heavier weight. 

The ladder format, as far as we know, is new. Athletes will have four minutes to complete DT at 95 pounds for men, 65 pounds for women. If they complete DT in that time domain, they get to move to the next round, add weight to the bar, and complete DT again with the higher weight. 

Weights for men go 95, 135, 155, 205. As a tiebreaker, they’ll turn the final round into an AMRAP (as many rounds or reps as possible) within the four minutes. 

It’s genius and would be wild to watch in a real competition. Nudge. Nudge. We have your link, if you want to watch the official announcement with Dani Speegle and the Buttery Bros in Miami.

In our special recurring segment of the coolest news to ever…be…cool..

Maria Aragon de Gonzales, the owner of Arbor CrossFit in Boise, Idaho is converting an old McDonald’s franchise location into a gym. We hope she converts the fountain drinks into FitAid.

Today’s CrossFit mainsite workout of the day is an AMRAP of deadlifts and strict handstand push-ups. With a 20-minute clock, complete ten of each for as many rounds and reps as possible. Still working on your handstand push-ups? We are too. You can scale this tremendously by using a pike push-up, wall walks, a push-up with elevated feet, regular push-ups, push-ups from your knees, elevated push-ups on a box or chair, or even wall pushes. Just in all those pushing options, make sure to push yourself.

And that’s it for news about CrossFit on Wednesday, August 29th.

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