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  • It’s a slow news day here at WODDITY. We’ve cracked open DOTTIR, the new book by two-time CrossFit Games Champion Katrin Davidsdottir and co-authored by Rory McKernan. It covers Katrin’s journey to becoming a two-time champion, along with the fallout and reconciliation during the 2017 and 2018 CrossFit Games. We’re only a few chapters in, but it’s been a wild ride. Support our podcast by using the link in our show notes to buy a copy on Amazon.
  • Josh Bridges rebuilt the 2019 CrossFit Games Sprint Bicouplet event to be a partner interval using a handstand obstacle course and a heavier sled. You can watch that on his YouTube channel.
  • Morning Chalk Up sat down over Skype with retired CrossFit Games athlete Julie Foucher to talk about the changes to the Games and CrossFit’s new focus on health. Yes, she even weighs in on the 2019 CrossFit Games cut system, noting that Dave Castro identified sprinting as a weakness of the community, and that the ability to sprint is just as important to fitness as our focus on one rep max weightlifting. Foucher is now a practicing medical doctor and hosts the Pursuing Health podcast. Find the full video on Morning Chalk Up’s YouTube channel.
  • The CrossFit Atlas Games 2020 Sanctional event has announced their official dates. It will run in Montreal, Quebec from the 13th of March through the 15th.
  • Just in case you needed another reason to break out the protein pancakes, today’s CrossFit mainsite workout of the day is: a rest day.
  • And that’s it for news about CrossFit on Tuesday, August 20th.
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  • I’m Ben Garves. Chat tomorrow and TTFN.