2020 CrossFit Open, Games Title Sponsor, and Simon Mantyla

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  • My name is Ben Garves and today is Friday, the 9th of August, 2019.
  • The biggest news of the week comes from the Pursuing Health podcast with retired CrossFit Games athlete Julie Foucher. Julie sat down with Coach Greg Glassman, the founder, former CEO, and active chairman of CrossFit. It looks like one more change we can expect to the Games is for them to take a hiatus from having a title sponsor. For years the CrossFit Games have been known as the Reebok CrossFit Games but the title sponsor contract expires after the 2020 Games and it sounds like Glassman is happy with the idea of moving forward without a title sponsor for the time being. No Rogue CFG, no Nike CFG, NOBULL, FLEO, UnderArmour, none of them. “We’re done with exclusive contracts,” Glassman said in the podcast.
  • In another story, Jessica Danger from the Morning Chalk Up wrote an incredible article on Simon Mantyla. He took 20th-overall in the 2019 CrossFit Open and was the second-fittest man in Sweden. Mantyla is legally blind in his right eye. He battled back from a stress fracture in his back he got in 2016 from the Open. For more, zip on over to our friends at morningchalkup.com
  • Also coming out this week is that the 2020 CrossFit Open will kick off with a workout announcement on October 10th. Those familiar with the Open are used to it starting in late February. The shift this year accommodates the expanded Sanctionals season, and makes sure the CrossFit Open is complete before the Filthy 150 in Dublin, Ireland on November 22nd. This will be the first Sanctional, and will be followed by 28 in total, one every weekend until the Mayan CrossFit Classic on July 4th Weekend. Sign up for more information at open.crossfit.com
  • Today’s workout of the day involves something you don’t see very often: the bench press. Five rounds for time, rowing 500 meters and fifteen reps on the bench. 95-lbs for women, 135-lbs for men.
  • And that’s it for news about CrossFit for Friday, August 9th. Make sure your affiliate owner takes the free independent affiliate survey at WODDITY.com. I’m Ben Garves – see you Monday.

By Ben Garves

Ben Garves is a digital product expert, author, entertainer, and activist. His portfolio of thought leadership in digital marketing and web experiences has included major clients like Microsoft, Google, Twitter, eBay, and Facebook. He’s also a freelance health and fitness journalist with over 400 stories written since 2018, a podcaster with 200 episodes to his name, and runs a YouTube channel with over 100 fitness and activism-oriented videos and live streams. Ben has founded the Fitness is for Everyone™ initiative to raise awareness about social injustice in both racial inequality and socioeconomic disparity in access to quality fitness and nutrition options around the globe.

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