Who’s Competing at the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge?

The Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge is returning for its seventh year. It’s still a massive event with over 800 participating athletes. One thing has changed: this year it joins an exclusive roster. Mid-Atlantic is now sanctioned to qualify athletes and teams for the CrossFit Games.

Founded in 2012, the Mid-Atlantic Challenge runs from April 12th through the 14th. The goal was to fill the void between CrossFit Open and the CrossFit Regionals. Now, it will replace Regionals as one of CrossFit’s new “sanctional” events.

The event held an online event for athletes and teams to earn an invite in January. Those workouts ranked teams and athletes on a global leaderboard.

Here’s a list of athletes who will compete this year:

Individual Men

AthleteHistoryOpen Rank
Jacob HeppnerGames 2014,15,16(Q) 4th
Paul CastilloGames 2017(Q) 17th
Samuel KwantGames 2016,17(Q) 20th
Tyler ChristophelGames 2017,1838th
Nik HechtRegionals 2016-1851st
Christian HarrisGames 201654th
Will MooradGames 201480th
Marquan JonesGames 201883rd
Norman WoodringRegionals 2015-1894th
Josh MillerRegionals 2014,15,17,18134th
Taylor SelfN/A168th
Adam KlinkRegionals 2013-18233rd
Devin O’NeillN/A252nd
Matt MortonRegionals 2016,17,18276th
Mitch SpjutGames 2017320th
Kevin SchuetzRegionals 2013-18334th
Josh MattesN/A450th
Jake FloenN/A652nd
Matt DlugosRegionals 2017-1820785th
Nicolas BidarteN/ADNC

Who missed the cut?

AthleteHistoryOpen Rank
Spencer PanchikRegionals 2017,1843
Nick UrankarGames 2015,18110

Individual Women

AthleteHistoryOpen Rank
Dani SpeegleRegionals 2017-18(Q) 5th
Mekenzie RileyGames 2016-18(Q) 11th
Kristine BestRegionals 2014-18(Q) 13th
Carolyne PrevostRegionals 2014-18(Q) 15th
Brooke HaasRegionals 2014,16-18(Q) 20th
Katie TrombettaRegionals 201733rd
Chyna ChoGames 2014-1872nd
Paige HenryRegionals 2015-1876th
Meg ReardonGames 2016102nd
Amanda HardemanRegionals 2016-18145th
Paige SemenzaGames 2017-18178th
Danielle KearnsRegionals 2016553rd
Tammy WildgooseGames 2017-18619th
Stine PinillaRegionals 2017-1816495th
Emma FerreiraRegionals 201838544th
Samantha PughN/ADNC
Leanne WatsonN/ADNC
Nicole CoreyGames 2012DNC
Kolson Lamb CaseyRegionals 2016-18DNC
Melissa HermanN/ADNC

Who missed the cut?

AthleteHistoryOpen Rank
Lindsey ValenzuelaGames 2013,15208th

Notable Teams

According to the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge rules, the highest-ranking forty teams receive an invite to the competition.

Team Invictus X

AthleteHistoryOpen Rank
Chantelle LoehnerRegionals 2016-1826th
Wesley RethwillGames 2016-1891st
Maddy MyersGames 2016,18128th
Sam DancerGames 2016,1820080th

Team Plus Ultra

AthleteHistoryOpen Rank
Alexis JohnsonGames 2016-1722nd
Jennifer SmithGames 2012-13,16,1875th
Travis WilliamsGames 2015-1892nd
Roy GamboaGames 2013,15DNC

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The event released a list of their sponsors. Here are some of the big-hitters helping to launch the event:

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