WeRFit Workout: The Great Race

“He’s going the distance. He’s going for speed.”

If you have the opportunity, you’re going to want to take this one to a track or treadmill. Drop the weights for the lunges – they should be a relaxation period where you can shake out your arms.

Song of the Workout: He’s Going the Distance by Cake


24, 16, 8 reps for time of:

  • Hand-Release Push Up
  • Farmer’s Carry – (100 meters per rep)
    • 2400 meters, or 1.5 miles
    • 1600 meters, or 1 mile
    • 800 meters, or half of a mile
  • Weight-less Walking Lunge


Consider the push-ups and lunges an opportunity to leg your forearms relax between these awful farmer’s carry distances.

Treat this as a mind-over-matter workout. If you don’t let your MIND focus on how much your arms hurt, it won’t MATTER that you feel like gravity is playing Thumb Wars with you.


  • Push-Ups – Hand-releases allow you to focus on your form, keeping a straight back and lowering yourself completely to the ground. Scaling is much like any other push-up – moving to your knees, then a railing or box, and finally to push-ups off of the wall. Regardless of your scaling method, still release your hands between reps.
  • Farmer Carry – Walking 2400 meters carrying weights will be quite the challenge, especially when you’ll have to follow it with another 1600 and 800 meters. Pick a weight that is do-able. Start with a hook grip, which will give you better grip on the weight. If you find yourself needing to lower the weight after the first set, you’ve picked too much weight. The goal is to be consistent, not to show off.
  • Walking Lunge – Between the walking and the weight-less lunges, these should give you a great, relaxing, deep stretch. The point is active recovery from the farmer’s carries, so you’re not trying to do anything crazy here.

Share your time or score below to see how you did against the community!

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