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Welcome to the first episode of the newly-pivoted podcast. It will no longer be known as the WODDITY Podcast for News About CrossFit. You’re now listening to the Ben Garves podcast, a daily show helping you center yourself on a fit and nutritious activist lifestyle through technology, psychology, philosophy and education. 

My name is Ben Garves, and I am your host. I have a boring day job in the tech industry while working on the side for my YouTube channel, a number of progressive causes, and I am a former CrossFit trainer.

Things you will hear on this show every day include anything promoting a lifestyle that gets you happier, healthier, and more centered – whether physically, emotionally, or financially. We’ll do this while promoting the latest fascinating findings, tricks, and tips in health and exercise science. We will be an ally and active voice for Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+, and many more causes involving basic human rights to equality. You’ll also hear me providing advice for navigating life experiences like relationships, mental health, and even surviving quarantine.

Thanks for returning to the podcast. I’m excited to be bringing it back, but obviously wish it was under better circumstances than having to pivot away from CrossFit. This show is now truly a labor of love, with no advertisements. Everything you hear me talk about and endorse comes entirely from my love for it and the good it does. Please be sure to like, subscribe, provide a five-star rating, and write a review. It’s free to you and means the world to me.