WATCH: Norway’s ATA Games Live on YouTube

CrossFit competition returns this weekend with the ATA Games being streamed live from Norway, Reebok now sells face masks, and LifeAid’s Mothers of Fitness episode two is now out.

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My name is Ben Garves and today is Friday, the 29th of May, 2020. Don’t forget, links to all of these stories are in the show notes of your friendly neighborhood podcasting app, as well as on the new

Competition Returns in Norway

What are you up to at 3:00 AM Eastern time tomorrow? Sleeping? I have a better alternative. A live CrossFit competition. Shocked? Yeah, me too. It’s a huge surprise, but equipment manufacturer ATA has put together a showcase of Norway’s fittest athletes and are running a live stream of the event. Athletes will win prize money and equipment, along with a donation in their name to a charity. And Norway is no stranger to great CrossFit athletes. Confirmed for the event are CrossFit Games attendees and invitees like Matilde Garnes, Nicolay Billaudel, Andrea Solberg, and defending second-fittest woman on earth Kristin Holte. They’ve even shared details about precautions they’re taking to protect athletes and volunteers. Check the show notes for a link to their YouTube channel, which wasn’t super easy to find because it’s brand new.

Reebok’s Foray into Facemasks

A sneakerhead has repurposed a new pair of Reebok’s Zoku Runner into a pretty epic facemask for running. While it looks complex enough to warrant a “you probably shouldn’t try this at home”, it has inspired many. In fact, Reebok itself is now selling face covers if you’re sick of trying to be fitnessy in a basic facemask. Link to that in the show notes.

Get 3 masks for $20 from May 25-June 30 and $2 from every pack of face covers sold goes to Save the Children’s Global Coronavirus Response Fund.

Mothers of Fitness Episode 2: Cassidy Lance-McWherter

If you recall back to Mother’s Day, LifeAid Beverage Company’s FitAid sub brand kicked off a new YouTube documentary series called Mothers of Fitness. The second episode has now been released and it features five-time CrossFit Games athlete and 2018 CrossFit Open winner Cassidy Lance-McWherter. Her and her wife talk through their experience with IVF and life adjustments they’ve had as they get ready to have their first child.

Introducing 2020 CrossFit Games Athletes

Don’t forget to watch Elite Sports Insider on Sunday at noon Eastern. We’re kicking off a six-week series introducing you to every athlete invited to the 2020 CrossFit Games. This week we’re covering Andrea Nisler, Björgvin Karl Gudmundsson, Cole Sager, Gabriela Migała, Griffin Roelle, Karin Freyova, Katelin Van Zyl, Kendall Vincelette, Mia Hesketh, and Sanna Venälänen. Many of them you haven’t seen much of, so come learn. There’s a lot to know.

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