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Okay, is it just me, or does the world have an unhealthy aversion to the idea of aging? There’s a statistic floating around that the anti-aging products industry is expected to be worth $83.2 billion by the year 2027. That’s up thirty billion dollars from the projected sales this year. 

Let’s be clear here – these aren’t sales of products that help you stay active and fit into your nineties. These are hair dyes and anti-wrinkle creams hoping to cover up the fact that you’re aging.

Now, I will always be a proponent for living in the body you’re most comfortable in, so please don’t take this as anti-age shaming. Or anti-shaming of age shaming? Shaming the shaming of aging. That’s what it is. Shaming the shaming of aging. 

I digress. It’s okay to age. Silver hair and aging naturally can be as sexy as anything else going on in the journey of your body. Icing on the cake? The United States makes up more than 27 percent of those total global sales of anti-aging products.. 

What does it say about our collective self esteem that we feel the need to cover up our seniority? We spend our teens striving to earn the respect for our free will and life choices. We spend our twenties and thirties trying to change the system and prove ourselves, then we spend every year past our fortieth birthday trying to hide the fact that we’ve collected half a century of experience and knowledge.

Be who you are. Love who you are. Love who’s around you and respect who they are. Appreciate the journey you’ve been on and the road still ahead of you. Know that only fitness, nutrition, and education can increase your abilities. Anti-aging products just paint over them.

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