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I made it all the way up to Missoula, Montana last night. Now, it’s just a short five-hour sprint to Spokane, Washington where I’ll hunker down for a few weeks. There, I’ll be tearing everything out of the trailer and turning it into a recording studio and gym on wheels. This is all in preparation for spending the 2020 CrossFit Games season driving to and reporting live from every North American Sanctional event and the CrossFit Games. In between, I’ll be doing epic workouts in epic places, like ghost towns and abandoned airfields. You can follow my journey on Instagram by searching for WODDITY. More in-depth videos will be on YouTube, also under the WODDITY channel

In a “shame on me” moment, I failed to plan adequately for wifi today, so I don’t have the amazing access to today’s news that I normally would. I’m going to take this opportunity to give a shout out to some of the amazing people working to keep you up-to-date on the industry while CrossFit moves to become a more intrinsic company. 

For a daily quick-read, I would check out Morning Chalk Up. They report news on elite fitness from Monday through Saturday and deliver it to your inbox before 7 AM Eastern. You may have heard of them before, as one of the premium CrossFit Games streaming sites for 2019, along with three years of upstanding history as a quality news source. Sign up at

The second group I’d look at, if you haven’t already fallen in love with them, is the Buttery Bros on YouTube. Marston Sawyers and Heber Cannon are directors who were instrumental in putting together CrossFit’s award-winning Fittest on Earth documentaries. They’ve launched out on their own with a high-energy series featuring fitness, athletes, shenanigans, and food. They’re also telling the story of the 2019 CrossFit Games in their own documentary. Details on that are still to be released.

Third, sharing the podcast space with me, I would zip over to Talking Elite Fitness. Tommy Marquez and Sean Woodland were on-screen talent for CrossFit for years. They’ve since turned their attention to their own podcast, hosting legends in the space in their “Fitness With Friends” segments, and doing weekly long-form news about CrossFit. 

Side note: I’m not sponsored by, nor affiliated with any of these organizations. I’m just a fan, paying it forward. “Aren’t you competitors,” you may ask? Not directly, but I do believe that a candle cannot extinguish itself by lighting other candles. So I share my light.

And that’s it for Thursday, September 19th. I’ll be back tomorrow with my normal news segments. Thanks for listening. Be sure to rate, review, subscribe. I’m Ben Garves. 

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By Ben Garves

Ben Garves is a digital product expert, author, entertainer, and activist. His portfolio of thought leadership in digital marketing and web experiences has included major clients like Microsoft, Google, Twitter, eBay, and Facebook. He’s also a freelance health and fitness journalist with over 400 stories written since 2018, a podcaster with 200 episodes to his name, and runs a YouTube channel with over 100 fitness and activism-oriented videos and live streams. Ben has founded the Fitness is for Everyone™ initiative to raise awareness about social injustice in both racial inequality and socioeconomic disparity in access to quality fitness and nutrition options around the globe.

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