WeRFit Workout: Gone in 600 Seconds

As many rounds/reps as possible (AMRAP) in 10 minutes of: 10 Deadlift5 Push Press5 Overhead Squat This is a relatively short AMRAP, so you can focus more on adding weight to the bar. The deadlifts should come naturally with the diminished weight you should be able to lift overhead for the push presses and overhead…… Continue reading WeRFit Workout: Gone in 600 Seconds

WeRFit Workout: Rocky IV

Three rounds for time of: 800 Farmer Carry (50 lb dumbbells)10 Push Press Then, 100 Sit-ups. “C’mon, Rock! You’ve got this!” Pick up those heavy dumbbells and take them for a spin. Inspired by the snowy training montage in Rocky IV, hear “Heart’s on Fire” in your mind as you crank this out. Your goal…… Continue reading WeRFit Workout: Rocky IV