Rich Froning: 2019 CrossFit Games Athlete

Rich Froning Junior is of the most dominant athletes in the history of the CrossFit Games. He competes with as a member and coach of CrossFit Mayhem Freedom. Rich retired from individual competition in 2014.

While an athlete like Mat Fraser is one of the smartest athletes in the sport, Froning is the hardest-working. Many believe Froning could challenge Fraser for the title of Fittest on Earth if he were to return to competition as an individual athlete.


July 21st, 1987


5′ 9″


Mount Clemens, MI




198 lbs


Cookeville, TN

Rich Froning’s Early Career

Rich was an avid athlete in school, often using sports as a way to skip chores at home. He earned a baseball scholarship to Walters State Community College. While in school, Froning found himself falling out of love with competing in baseball. He studied Exercise Science at Tennessee Tech while working as a fire fighter for the Cookeville Fire Department. Rich was later returned to be an assistant strength coach at Tennessee Tech.

Froning’s career in CrossFit started in 2010, when he decided it would be fun to join a competition. He went on that year to place second in the CrossFit Games.

Rich spent that offseason training his weaknesses. He returned in 2011 to take first place at the CrossFit Games. Froning published “First: What it Takes to Win” in 2013, after his second win. Two years later, he was the subject of the documentary “FRONING: The Fittest Man In History“. The documentary highlights the athlete winning his fourth-straight Fittest Man on Earth title.

As of 2019, Froning owns CrossFit Mayem. He often travels as a part of his Train With Rich series, and co-hosts the Froning and Friends Podcast. As a coach and athlete, Rich runs programming and competes on CrossFit Mayhem Freedom.

As a team athlete, Froning is the hub of the Mayhem Freedom team and still one of the fittest men on earth
As a team athlete, Froning is the hub of the Mayhem Freedom team and still one of the fittest men on earth

CrossFit History

Rich is a four-time Fittest Man on Earth, having won the CrossFit Games from 2011 to 2014. The following years, Froning placed first with CrossFit Mayhem Freedom in 2015, 2016, second in 2017 and first again in 2018. He has only once finished outside first place in a regional event, when his team finished in 8th in 2011. Regardless, that year Froning went on to win the CrossFit Games as an individual.

As far as CrossFit Open performances, Rich Froning placed first from 2012 to 2014. He has never placed outside the top-11 as an individual, or top-four as a team member. At the time of publishing, Froning looks to have taken 10th in the worldwide Open in 2019.

The Froning Family

Rich is married to Hillary Froning, whom he met in a staged introduction by their mutual hair stylist. After difficult years trying to have children of their own, Rich and Hillary chose to adopt. They have have three children: Lakelyn, Trice, and Violet.

Rich Froning Diet

For many years, Froning was notorious for not focusing much on his diet and nutrition. Despite the odds, he managed to out-train a bad diet. His sponsorship with Renaissance Periodization includes diet templates, which guide his intake of macros.

Social Media

Rich Froning’s Sponsors

Froning is one of the most-sponsored athletes in the sport of fitness. He has also won over a million dollars during his career as an individual athletes. His sponsors include:

Rogue Fitness

In partnership with Froning, Rogue offers a number of special edition. Our favorite is the Froning SR-1F Speed Rope 2.0.


Reebok offers a number of special edition Rich Froning items, including their partnership on the Froning RF1 CrossFit shoe.


Froning is a sponsored athlete of Renaissance Periodization’s diet templates, which have helped him turn his nutrition around.


Rehband makes support garments for preventing and rehabbing things like knee injuries in men and women. Rich has had a number of treatments for various join issues, including his knees.

Rich Froning completes ring muscle-ups
Rich Froning completes ring muscle-ups

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