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Welcome to our live blog of the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship. We’re updating this every 1-2 minutes while competitions are happening on the event floor. Be sure to refresh for the latest.

Don’t forget, you can watch the live stream directly from the Reykjavik CrossFit Challenge team.

Saturday, May 4

Event 6 – Dottir

The Event 6 “Dottir” event leaderboard. Leaderboard courtesy of RCC and WODcast.

With a seven-minute time cap:

  • 12 Bar Muscle-Ups
  • 21 Deadlifts (100KG/70KG)
  • 9 Bar Muscle-Ups
  • 15 Power Cleans (100KG/70KG)
  • 6 Bar Muscle-Ups
  • 9 Shoulder-to-Overhead (100KG/70KG)

1:38 PM Central – Final heat of men is complete. This concludes the second day of our Reykjavik CrossFit Championship live blog. Thanks for reading, and see you tomorrow!

1:35 PM Central – Tremblay is headed to an event win with one shoulder-to-overhead left. He finishes at 4:00 even.

1:33 PM Central – Paul Tremblay is now the first back for the final round of bar muscle-ups.

1:32 PM Central – Björgvin Karl Gudmundsson takes the lead on the second round of bar muscle-ups.

1:31 PM Central – The first athlete off the rig and headed to the deadlift is Paul Tremblay.

1:30 PM Central – And so begins the final heat of the day. Expect big things from BK Gudmundsson. Paul Tremblay also has the strength for the barbell portion. He snatch 140 kilograms yesterday in Event 2.

1:27 PM Central – The second heat is complete and the floor is being prepped for the final round of men completing the Dottir workout at the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship.

1:25 PM Central – Will Moorad surprises the crowd, finishing at 4:27, ahead of Kristof Horvath. This is now the time to beat.

1:24 PM Central – The first man back to the final round of muscle-ups is Kristof Horvath.

1:22 PM Central – Beneito and Moorad are the first back to. the barbell for the hang cleans, followed by Horvath.

1:20 PM Central – The first man to the loaded barbell is Fabian Beneito, followed by Will Moorad.

1:17 PM Central – The floor at the 2019 Reykjavik CrossFit Championship is being reset for the second heat of men completing the Event 6 Dottir workout. Athletes are being called to the floor. Dominant in this heat has been Roman Khrennikov and Krostof Horvath.

1:15 PM Central – Holgersson holds off Swart to cross at 5:54.

1:14 PM Central – Justin Swart has caught back up and passed Holgersson. He’s headed into his shoulder-to-overhead.

1:12 PM CentralHaraldur Holgersson is leading the first heat by a significant margin.

1:10 PM Central – The live stream has returned. We’re ascertaining which heat is. currently running, but we believe it is the first heat. Men are on to the first barbell portion, the deadlifts at 100 kilograms.

12:58 PM Central – Bars are being swapped out to 100 kilograms (about 220 pounds) for the male heats. Looks like the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship is switching to another new live feed on their Facebook page.


12:55 PM Central – Still behind the time set by Annie Thorisdottir, Tori Dyson is on to the final lift: shoulder-to-overhead at 70 kilograms. She crosses the finish line at 5:10.

12:54 PM Central – The first athlete back to the last round of bar-facing muscle ups is Tori Dyson again. Dyson is looking to climb from her current standing as tenth-overall.

12:53 PM Central – Dyson is the first back out to her hang cleans at 70 kilograms. Followed closely by Thuri Helgadottir.

12:51 PM Central – Led by Tori Dyson, the final head is headed into their deadlifts at 70 kilograms.

12:47 PM Central – Preparation has begun for the final heat of women in Workout 6: Dottir, at the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship.

12:45 PM Central – Passing the time set by Annie Thorisdottir, Haley Adams is heading for her last rep after dropping the bar. She finishes at 5:18.

12:44 PM Central – Haley Adams is back to her last set of bar muscle-ups.

12:42 PM Central – Adams is following a strategy much like Katrin Davidsdottir, taking a break to rest her grip at the top of the muscle-ups.

12:41 PM Central – The beginning of heat four. Haley Adams is the first to go unbroken on the muscle-ups.

12:37 PM Central – Weights are being reset and the floor prepared for the second heat of the Dottir workout at the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship.

12:36 PM Central – Fragkou wins the first heat with a time of 5:33.

12:34 PM Central – We’re past the point where Annie Thorisdottir finished. Anna Fragkou is headed back for her final round of six bar muscle-ups.

12:32 PM Central – Fragkou is already back to her cleans with Stall in tow. Fragkou is the national champion of Greece.

12:31 PM Central – The first woman to the bar is Anna Fragkou, followed by Allison Stall.

12:30 PM Central -. The first heat is off! 12 bar muscle-ups before heading to 21 deadlifts at 70 kilograms.

12:26 PM Central – The floor is set. We anticipate a 12:30 PM Central start for the first heat of women.

12:20 PM Central – Event staff are resetting the floor for the first heat of female athletes to begin this event.

12:18 PM Central – Katrin Davidsdottir, a much more aerobic capacity and gymanstics-oriented athelete, takes second to Annie Thorisdottir in this event. Both athletes complete the workout in under 4:40.

12:15 PM Central – Annie Thorisdottir pulls head of Katrin and is first back to the bar for more muscle-ups.

12:14 PM Central – Katrin and Annie will be completing bar muscle ups (12, 9, 6) and 21 deadlifts at 70-kilogram, 15 hang power cleans, and 9 shoulder-to-overhead with a seven-minute time cap.

While not a part of the official competition, the Dottir event will be a head-to-head exhibition between Katrin Davidsdottir and Annie Thorisdottir. Both have two “Fittest on Earth” titles under their belt. This event will start at 12:10 PM Central.

Event 5 – Pull ‘N Carry

  • 5 (men) / 4 (women) Legless Rope Climbs
  • 20 Box jump-overs
  • 20-meter, 200/140-kilogram yoke carry
  • Repeat for three rounds. One less rope climb each round.
The Event 5 leaderboard. Leaderboard courtesy of the RCC and WODcast.

11:40 AM Central – BK Gudmundsson does it! He beats Roman Khrennikov with an unofficial time of 4:47.

11:39 AM Central – In the final round, BK Gudmundsson may have a chance to beat Roman Khrennikov’s wild time as he enters his final yoke carry.

11:26 AM Central – Roman Khrennikov is going for an event record. His performances today are highly likely to bump him up to the leader heat tomorrow and he’ll be in contention for another Sanctional win. He would have time to do a bonus round and still win this event. He finishes with 4:51 on the clock.

11:25 AM Central – Will Moorad is trying for a land speed record, flat out sprinting with the yoke. Khrennikov is gaining distance on the pack.

11:23 AM Central – Looks like this heat will be competition between Roman Khrennikov and Kristof Horvath again. They’ve moved on to the box jumps.

11:21 AM Central – The Stream has been rebooted. We believe it hit its time cap and Reykjavik needed to create a new stream. Men are teeing up for the second heat of Event 5.

11:17 AM Central – The Reykjavik CrossFit Championship live stream has been removed from their Facebook page. We will have more details as they become available.

11:12 AM Central – Men have started. Heat one has progressed into the fifth event of the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship.

10:57 AM Central – The floor is being reset with heavier weights for the men. Heats will kick off in about ten minutes.


10:55 AM Central – It looks like a no-rep for Dyson was incorrect and her time is likely to be adjusted to reflect a better result. Updates will be reflected in the final leaderboard.

10:54 AM Central – The crowd is going wild in support of Tori Dyson, who is just now coming off the rope and into the box jump-overs. She gets time capped at 8 minutes.

10:53 AM Central – Jacqueline Dahlstrøm is leading the heat headed into the last round. She finishes in 6:05, almost a minute faster than the prior time to beat.

10:50 AM Central – Dyson’s lead collapses as she struggles with no-reps on the second round of rope climbs.

10:48 AM Central -. Tori Dyson is off to a quick lead on the rope climbs and moves on to the box jump-overs.

10:47 AM Central – Heat three has launched into their first round of legless rope climbs.

10:44 AM Central – Event staff are prepping for the final round of women in the Event 5 Pull ‘N Carry workout. Athletes to watch are Thuri Helgadottir, and Tori Dyson.

10:40 AM Central – Haley Adams does not beat Anna Fragkou’s time of 7:01 from the first heat. She crosses at an unofficial 7:06.

10:39 AM Central – Adams is back on her wildly-quick box jump-overs.

10:38 AM Central – While Jóhanna is quick, we CANNOT EXPLAIN how fast Haley Adams is moving on these box jump-overs. She speeds through the yoke carry much faster than the first round and takes the lead.

10:36 AM CentralJóhanna Júlia Júlíusdóttir is the first athlete back on the ropes.

10:35 AM Central – Haley Adams looks to be moving much faster than other athletes on the box jump-overs.

10:34 AM Central – Heat two has started with four legless rope climbs.

10:29 AM CentralHaley Adams is one of the favorite athletes from this upcoming heat.

10:28 AM Central – Reykjavik CrossFit Championship staff are resetting the floor for the second heat of the Pull ‘N Carry. Athletes have been called to the floor.

10:26 AM Central – The heat is being led by Anna Fragkou of Cross Garage. She takes the heat with 7:01, an entire 59 seconds under the time cap.

10:23 AM Central – Heat 1 of Pull ‘n Carry has kicked off. This has a yoke carry, legless rope climbs, and box jump overs.

10:04 AM Central – Women will take the field for Pull ‘N Carry at the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship at 10:20 AM Central.

Event 4

  • A. AMRAP 150/100LB Sandbag Over Shoulder for 90 Seconds
  • B. 50 Toes-to-Bar, 45-Meter Handstand Walk
The Event 4A leaderboard. Leaderboard courtesy of the RCC and WODcast.
The Event 4B leaderboard from the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship. Leaderboard courtesy of the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship and WODcast.

10:01 AM Central – Tim Paulson takes the heat, followed by Brendan Willis and BK Gudmundsson. Epic finish.

10:00 AM Central – They’re turning and hitting the floor for the handstand walk. Brendan Willis is leading the heat with Tim Paulson and BK Gudmundsson chasing him down.

9:58 AM Central – Men are on the bar for their toes-to-bar. This will close out event 4. Who will win? Stay tuned.

9:57 AM Central – BK Gudmundsson cranks out 27 reps to likely win this portion of the event. 90-second rest and these athletes jump to the toes-to-bar/handstand walk portion of the workout.

9:55 AM Central – The final heat of men has started the sandbag-over-shoulder portion of the fourth workout.

9:52 AM Central – Floor being reset for the final heat of men.

9:50 AM Central – Lee Tanner is the first to the handstand walk but fails his first attempt. Streat Hoerner and Kristof Horvath power past him.

9:49 AM Central – Hoerner completes 30 reps before taking a break.

9:47 AM Central – Men head into 90 seconds of rest. Kristov Horvath looks to have completed 26 reps in Part A. Streat Hoerner could do very well in these toes-to-bar. Insert abs joke here.

9:46 AM Central – Final 30 seconds of the first workout segment.

9:45 AM Central – The men have started in Heat 2 of Workout 4. Will Moorad is also in this heat.

9:43 AM Central – Heat 2 athletes have been called to the floor.

9:42 AM Central – The floor is being reset for men’s Heat 2 of Event 4 at the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship. Kristov Horvath and Roman Khrennikov are notable athletes in this heat.

9:41 AM Central – Guillaume makes it across the finish line. He needed to take some time to rest before kicking back up for the last segment.

9:40 AM CentralGuillaume Magnouat is the first to the handstand walk.

9:39 AM Central – Three minute time cap to complete 50 toes-to-bar and a 45-meter handstand walk. They’re off. This is heat one of event four for men. Waiting on an official count for the sandbag over-shoulder (Part A) segment.

9:35 AM Central – Men have kicked off. Heat one is sprinting to their sandbags.

9:29 AM Central – The 150-pound sandbags are being wheeled out for the mens’ heats.


9:27 AM Central – Only two females complete this event, Thuri Helgadottir and Haley Adams. Haley leads, with 25 reps on the sandbag portion. Helgadottir leads with a much better Part B time.

9:24 AM Central – The first athlete to the handstand walk is Thuri Helgadottir.

9:23 AM Central – Part B has begun. Athletes complete 50 toes-to-bar, then a 45-meter handstand walk. We’ll let you know who the first off the bar will be. Tori Dyson is looking strong.

9:22 AM CentralHannah Carlson churns out 24 reps, one less than the 25 – set by Haley Adams in the second heat.

9:21 AM Central – Thirty seconds remaining in Part A of the last heat in Event 4.

9:20 AM Central – Heat three has started, tossing this heavy 100-lb sandbag over their shoulders for as many reps as they can in 90 seconds.

9:19 AM Central – Event staff are resetting the floor for womens heat three to take on the sandbag-over-shoulder portion.

9:16 AM Central – Haley Adams finishes the first half of the handstand walk, turns, and powers back. The is the first female to finish this workout and the only athlete to finish in her heat.

9:15 AM Central – Haley Adams is the first to the handstand walk.

9:13 AM Central – Heat two is on to the toes-to-bar, led by Haley Adams.

9:12 AM Central – This quick event already has heat two on to the second part of the workout.

8:47 AM Central – Event staff are setting the floor up for this event. It will kick off in about 15 minutes.

Event 3: 1000M Row, 1000M Ski Erg, 2000M Bike Erg

The event three leaderboard at the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship. Leaderboard courtesy of Reykjavik CrossFit Championship and WODcast.

8:43 AM Central – Photo finish puts a leaping Hinrik and Esslinger only seven-tenths of a second apart. Roman Khrennikov wins the event from heat 2.

8:42 AM Central – It’s the final sprint!

8:40 AM Central – Lukas Esslinger is closing the gap drastically in a valiant effort to catch Hinrik Ingri Óskarsson. We’re all looking forward to that last 500-meter sprint.

8:39 AM Central – Barring something dramatic, the leaders are pretty clear halfway into the Ski. Hinrik is in first with a five-meter lead over Lukas Esslinger. Tim Paulson is in third with about ten meters to make up. All three are headed to the bike.

8:37 AM Central – In case you missed the standings after day 1 at the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship:

8:36 AM Central – Lukas and Hinrik have moved to the Concept 2 Ski Erg. They’ve pulling out a 50-meter lead over the majority of the pack and extending their lead.

8:33 AM Central – To set some ambience, the first song is You Shook Me All Night Long, by AC/DC. Lukas Esslinger is in second, being led by Hinrik Ingi Óskarsson.

8:32 AM Central – The final heat of Event 3 has kicked off. They’re starting with a 1,000-meter row.

8:29 AM Central – Notable athletes in the third heat to watch: BK Gudmundsson, Lukas Esslinger, Paul Tremblay.

8:27 AM Central – Event staff are resetting the floor for the big hitters: heat three at Event 3. Will anyone beat Khrennikov’s time?

8:26 AM Central – Roman Khrennikov wins the second heat of Event 3 at the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship. Second place is Kristof Horvath, followed by Streat Hoerner. Roman’s time is 9:53. An incredible finish.

8:23 AM Central – The pack (heat 2) has moved onto the final stage of Event 3 – the Concept2 Bike Erg. They are led by Roman Khrennikov. The lead is down to just a couple of meters, but possibly too much for Kristof Horvath to catch.

8:22 AM Central – Khrennikov is pulling a wild 1:39-pace on the Concept2 Ski Erg.

8:19 AM Central – Roman Khrennikov is the first to the Ski Erg, leading by about 50 meters. Horvath is in second, but is fighting off Streat Hoerner.

8:17 AM Central Khrennikov and Streat Hoerner are jumping into first and second in the early stage of the row.

8:16 AM Central – Headlining heat two will be Roman Khrennikov and Kristof Horvath. And they’re off!

8:12 AM Central – The event staff are resetting the floor for the second heat of men in Event 3.

8:11 AM Central – The first heat of men in Event 3 at the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship. Lucas Heuzé finishes with 10:12.

8:09 AM Central – Men are starting into the Concept2 Bike Erg. Huezé leads by a little less than 25 meters. He continues to lose his lead.

8:07 AM CentralLucas Heuzé is starting to lose his drastic lead on the ski erg, pulling about two seconds slower than other athletes. It may still be enough to win the event.

8:05 AM Central – Huezé moves on to the Concept 2 Ski Erg with a drastic lead. Tie for second place half-way into the event. Karar Margrander, Justin Swart.

8:02 AM Central – Taller athletes should have an advantage on the rower, along with heavier athletes. Lucas Heuzé has pulled ahead right off the start. Announcers are worried he’s starting too fast. Lucas looks relaxed, but has sped up and now leads by over 40 meters.

8:00 AM Central – The first heat of male athletes have started!

7:58 AM Central – The event is resetting the floor and preparing for the first heat of male individual athletes.


7:54 AM Central – Hanna Karlsson wins the event with an unofficial 11:22. This will win the heat, the event, and possible a number of male athletes.

7:51 AM Central – Women have moved on to the bikes. Hanna continues with her comfortable lead. We have a three-way battle for second place in this heat between Jacqueline Dahlstrøm, Matilde Garnes, and Callerina Natori. Hanna Karlsson has 250 meters left.

7:48 AM CentralHanna Karlsson is looking un-catchable on the Concept 2 Ski Erg. She currently has a 50-meter lead on second-place Jacqueline Dahlstrøm.

7:46 AM Central – Athletes have moved on to the Ski Erg. Leading is Hanna Karlsson. Smaller athletes like Tori Dyson of CrossFit New England are struggling in this event.

7:45 AM Central – Early leaders on the row are Callerina Natori and Hanna Karlsson.

7:43 AM Central – The final heat of women in Event 3 have started into the Concept 2 Rower portion of this three-part workout.

7:43 AM Central – Announcers are naming the athletes of the final heat.

7:40 AM Central – While Reykjavik resets the floor for another heat, we have another side note. The live stream is sitting right around 1,800 viewers. That’s a pretty solid number for an event running in an odd time zone.

7:38 AM Central – Haley Adams finishes with Emilia right on her heels. 11:41 will not beat the best time in the first heat from Emelye Dwyer.

7:37 AM Central – Leaders look to stay Haley Adams (first) and Emilia Leppänen (second) in this second heat of Event 3. In case you missed it, the event is a 1k-1k-2k Row-Ski-Bike.

7:34 AM CentralHaley Adams is moving on to the Bike Erg. Her strategy starts with a standing pedal, giving her more weight and leverage on the pedals for a quick start.

7:33 AM Central – Haley Adams is pulling significantly ahead of second-place Emilia Leppänen. Adams has less than 100 meters left before moving on to the Bike Erg.

7:30 AM CentralHaley Adams is chasing Stephanie McGuffie and has pulled ahead on the Ski Erg.

7:28 AM CentralStephanie McGuffie is the leader coming off the row and headed to the Concept 2 Ski Erg.

7:26 AM Central – The second heat has started and women are tearing up the first 1,000 meters on the rower.

7:23 AM Central – Machines are being reset and prepared for the second heat of women.

7:22 AM Central – Emelye Dwyer wins the heat with an 11:36 unofficial time.

7:21 AM Central – The Reykjavik CrossFit Championship is doing an amazing job with this live stream. We’re seeing leaders and their stats in real time.

7:20 AM CentralAlison Stall is slightly behind Emelye Dwyer in the final sprint to the end of the first heat.

7:00 AM Central – And they’re off! The first heat of the individual women have started into Event 3. This is a 1,000-meter row on a Concept2 rower, 1,000 meters on the Concept 2 ski erg, and 2,000 meters on the new Concept 2 bike erg.

Reykjavik CrossFit Championship: Friday, May 3

Event 2: Snatch Ladder and 1RM Attempts

The leaderboard from Event 2 of the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship. Leaderboard courtesy of the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship and WODcast.

3:43 PM Central – The event has been completed. Paul Trembley of CrossFit NCR wins with 140KG. Second places is Tim Paulson of CrossFit Pallas with 136KG, tied with Will Moorad of CrossFit Triviaum.

3:36 PM Central – Paul Trembley tries for 145 KG and doesn’t complete the lift.

3:33 PM Central – Paul Trembley nails 140 KG, closely followed by BK Gudmundsson with 132 KG.

3:30 PM CentralWill Moorad is the first to break 130 KG in the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship mens snatch event.

3:26 PM Central – Men are are closing on a 130 KG snatch in their 1RM event.

3:11 PM Central – The Reykjavik CrossFit Championship was not prepared for 12 male athletes to complete the ladder. They are modifying the competition floor to accommodate the additional two athletes.

3:09 PM Central – Most men in the final heat cleared the ceiling of the snatch ladder with 125KG. They’re headed into the final 1RM portion of the event.

2:54 PM Central – Athletes in the final heat are being introduced. They include Will Moorad, Streat Hoerner, Roman Khrennikov, Paul Trembley, Lukas Esslinger, Kristof Horvath, and BK Gudmundsson.

2:48 PM Central – Side note: Annie Thorisdottir has been leading the live commentary on the live stream. Heat 2 of the Mens snatch event are trying for 122KG.

2:37 PM Central – The second heat of men have started the Event 2 snatch ladder. First lift is 90KG.

2:33 PM Central – Jakob Daniel Magnusson wins the heat with a 125KG snatch.

2:31 PM CentralJakob Daniel Magnusson and one other athlete are headed to the top-tier lift at 125KG.

2:29 PM Central – The first Mens heat at the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship is moving on to the 120KG barbell snatch. Three athletes left on the floor.

2:23 PM CentralLee Tanner barely saves a lift, halfway into the first Mens heat.

2:17 PM Central – Men are taking the field for the first heat of the Men’s snatch event at the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship.

2:15 PM Central – We have a four-way tie in the Womens Snatch Event:

2:10 PM Central – Female athletes are trying for their 1RM snatch in the final segment of Womens Event 2.

1:30 PM Central – Three athletes have progressed past 85KG in the women’s snatch event (heat 2) and are moving on to 87.5KG.

1:25 PM Central – All but one woman have progressed to 75KG on the Rejkavik CrossFit Championship Event 2 snatch workout.

1:17 PM Central – The second heat of women are taking the field for their snatch lifting event.

1:08 PM Central – Only one woman is left in the first heat, with 82KG on the bar – Anita Lif Aradottir.

1:00 PM Central – Athletes have one minute to load their bar, then get it overhead in 30 seconds. This is a ladder to a max weight, starting at 55kg. Those who make it will progress to a five-athlete lift-off with three attempts to a one-rep max.

12:58 PM Central – Women are being introduced for the first of three womens heats competing in the snatch challenge.

12:40 PM Central – The event has been officially declared OPEN at Laugardalsholl Arena in Rejkavik. Women will start Event 2 at 1:00 PM Central.

Event 1: Mt. Esjan Run

The leaderboard from Event 1p. Courtesy of RCC and WODcast.

11:30 AM Central – Thuri Helgadottir and BK Gudmundsson win Event 1 (Mt Esjan run), finishing in 31.58 and 27.22, respectively.

7:25 AM Central – An announcement has been posted to the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship that technical difficulties on Mt Esjan has limited their ability to broadcast. They will return when the event moves to the Arena at 12 PM Centra.

6 AM Central – Reykjavik announces they will have a live stream you can watch.

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