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After a week of turmoil in the CrossFit community, the embattled organization and its leadership have lost their partnership with Reebok. In a story broken by Footwear News and picked up by the Yahoo News feed, it is made clear Reebok no longer wants to continue negotiations with the fitness company.

The dynamic of the relationship was set to change in 2020, the final year of the current contract between the two organizations. Reebok and CrossFit were reportedly negotiations to determine what the future relationship would look like.

“Our partnership with CrossFit HQ comes to an end later this year. Recently, we have been in discussions regarding a new agreement, however, in light of recent events, we have made the decision to end our partnership with CrossFit HQ,” Reebok told Footwear News in an emailed statement.

“We will fulfill our remaining contractual obligations in 2020. We owe this to the CrossFit Games competitors, fans and the community.”

This announcement follows a number of embarrassing moments for the CrossFit brand, including a hateful email to a gym owner and a now-viral Twitter comment.

Reebok is joined by a growing number of gyms choosing do de-affiliate from CrossFit, many donating their annual dues to organizations fighting racial injustice in America. Among them are: