Podcast Special: Diversity in CrossFit, Part 1

Today we are talking about diversity in the sport of fitness, kicking off a month-long series featuring stories from a wide range of gym owners, athletes, gym members, and fans.

Good morning and welcome to the WODDITY podcast for news about CrossFit. We are a daily podcast, Monday through Friday, doing CrossFit news in five minutes or less.

My name is Ben Garves and today is Friday, the 7th of February, 2020.

WODDITY’s 100th Episode

This is the 100th episode of the WODDITY podcast, which would be a huge milestone if I wasn’t recording daily. Everyday it blows my mind how quickly this podcast is growing, so thanks for being here. I’m actively collecting feedback, so if you have five minutes to fill out a survey about the podcast, you can find the link in my show notes and at WODDITY.com. 

CrossFit Kids Success

Quick community story! Too Far North Fitness in Fort Kent, Maine has a coach named Shane Durost. He’s a border patrol agent, but also a coach with a CrossFit Kids certification. He’s leading classes for toddlers, and with wild success. Parents recently told a local journal:

“Our kids love to watch us work out and are usually at the gym with us. They were so excited to get the chance to participate in their own CrossFit class…They really look forward to it and often practice the moves at home. It seems to give them a great sense of confidence and provides them with a fun half hour of physical activity. Coach Shane is so great with the kids and keeps them focused and excited about what they are learning and doing. We are lucky to have such a great opportunity right here in Fort Kent to introduce our kids to physical fitness in a fun and positive way.”

So, shoutout to Shane Durost. CrossFit Kids classes are all over the world. Check with your local affiliate to see if the offer something for your lil’ns. 

Diversity in CrossFit, Part 1

It’s the first Friday of February and that means I get to share with you our first installment featuring stories about diversity in CrossFit and the sport of fitness. We’ll get more and more into the history of this question as the month goes on, but for the first feature I wanted to give you something tangible to bite into. This is a clip sent to me by Marcus Lowther (@marcuslowther). He does an awesome job of introducing himself, so I’ll step back and let him shine. If you want to join into the conversation, you can send an audio clip in any format to ben@bengarves-staging.mystagingwebsite.com

Fresh Cup of Fitness: New Year’s Resolutions

Before I go, quick shout out to Jessica Danger and Brittany Marsh for the latest episode of the A Fresh Cup of Fitness podcast, where they check in on you and your New Years resolutions. I have a link to the episode in my show notes and at WODDITY.com. 

We’ll be back on Monday with more news about CrossFit. Have a great weekend and enjoy our first story about diversity in the sport.

Now, without further ado, Marcus Lowther.

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By Ben Garves

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