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Four athletes went head-to-head at CrossFit NCR in Ottawa on Thursday, led by veteran Patrick Vellner through all rounds. Other athletes included Paul Tremblay and Craig Kenney.

The workout involved three rounds of snatches, alternated with bar-facing burpees. After those three rounds, athletes took a three minute mandatory break before launching into three rounds of bar muscle ups and bar-facing burpees.

CrossFit’s website, the hosting affiliate, and Facebook live suffered a number of technical issues resulting of coverage drops during the live cast. The cast rocketed to over 125,000 views in the first ten minutes of the live cast.

Vellner’s advice was to push yourself in this quick workout. “If you’re looking to gun for a good score,” he added after the workout, “you’ve gotta go fast from the start. Get uncomfortable and get used to it.”