Nike Metcon 5 Leaks and Release Updates

UPDATE: July 17, 2019 – The Nike Metcon 5 is now available for sale on Amazon.

First of all, don’t believe the lies. Many recent fake leak sites are reporting the Nike Metcon Sport to be the next iteration of the Nike Metcon. It isn’t.

It’s about time for details about the Nike Metcon 5 CrossFit shoe. If Nike sticks to their schedule of annual releases every winter, we’re a number of months overdue for details.

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WeRFitness dug deep in the caverns of the internet to gather as many details as possible. At this point, here’s what we know:

Nike Metcon 5 Release Date

Unconfirmed rumors put the Metcon 5 release date at some time in May. If the rumors are true, the fifth edition of the leading unofficial CrossFit shoe will be accompanied by two additional versions: the Nike Free x Metcon 2 and the Nike Free Metcon Sport.

One clue that hints toward a release soon? Nike’s re-brand of their Nike ID shoe customization service as “Nike By You” does not include the Nike Metcon 4. It may be that Nike has halted customizations as they ramp up for customization of their future three versions. At the time of publishing, the site has featured a “Great choice, but this one sold out fast” message for three-plus weeks.

8 AM, APRIL 1ST – UPDATE: As of the first of April, no announcements have been made by Nike regarding release. We will continue to monitor all social media and leak sites to give you information as we receive it.

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Features and Leaks

Most of these leak details come from a site called As Many Reviews as Possible (AMRAP), which claims these images and details are factual. WeRFitness has not been able to independently confirm the legitimacy of this content.

Nike Metcon 5 Leaks

Legendary CrossFit Games athlete and Nike-sponsored influencer Lauren Fisher posted an image of her wearing a pair of Nike CrossFit shoes. One problem: the shoes don’t exist. Shortly after the leak, her image on Instagram was edited and replaced with the same image with the shoes cropped out. The image was later removed entirely.

CrossFit Games and Nike-sponsored athlete Lauren Fisher posted this picture of unconfirmed Nike Metcon 5 shoes in December. The image was later removed for her Instagram.

Nike Metcon 5 Features

  • The Nike Metcon 5 looks to keep its signature inner-foot grip for rope climbs, but replaces the webbed texture for a diagonal ridge style which should provide better traction. This appears to be confirmed by the leaked shoes in Lauren Fisher’s Instagram post.
  • The shoe still has significant firm outsole material but rises less around the toe box to enable better flexibility if you need to run in them.
  • Lace eye loops appear more structurally sound and better supported than in previous models.
  • Unlike the Metcon 5, the shoe’s tongue is a little thicker to prevent it from wandering and any other tongue-related issues when putting the shoe on.
  • To the relief of many, it looks like the Metcon 5 keeps the hard, smooth heel slide for inverted wall activities but lessens the ridge a little bit. Previous Metcons created a clunky experience for natural heel-to-toe runners.

Nike Free x Metcon 2 Features

  • The second edition of the Nike Free x Metcon shoe moves its signature eyelet brace down over bridge of the foot for better mid-sole stability and to keep the full foot back in the shoe.
  • As with the Nike Metcon 5, it looks like this shoe will feature a less-prominent heel bump
  • Using Nike’s Free-series flexible slits in the sole of the shoe, this looks to habe a more-flexible toe box.
  • This iteration does away with the thin lace loop eyelets and replaces them altogether with a more reinforced and stable loop design.
The Nike Free x Metcon 2, as leaked by As Many Reviews as Possible.

Nike Free Metcon Sport Features

  • This looks to be a net-new shoe to Nikes CrossFit-oriented collection.
  • Looks to lack the contemporary Nike Free collection slits in sole of the shoe, hinting at a little more stability than you usually see in the collection.
  • The Nike Free Metcon Sport only has one Velcro strap across bridge and no laces or additional support.
  • The focus appears to be toward a slip-on design – something athletes can jump in and out of when on a timer or wear around for leisure.
The Nike Metcon Sport image leak, according the As Many Reviews as Possible.

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