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Lefteris Theofanidis is CrossFit’s national champion of Greece. While a long-time top-200 finisher in the CrossFit Open, Theofanidis had his first CrossFit Games invite through his national champion status. He finished 60th in the world.

Doping Scandal

Theofanidis was announced in January 2020 as having failed a test for banned substances when competing at the Dubai CrossFit Championship. Sanctions are currently pending. It is expected that Theofanidis will be stripped of his 2020 Fittest in Greece national champion status and be withheld from competing at the CrossFit Games.

Typically sanctions when appeals are successful are two years, with unsuccessful appeals resulting in four year sanctions from the sport. In this case, Theofanidis would be 33 before he could return to competition.

GymCrossFit North Zone
Height5′ 7″


Active. Pending sanctions for failed banned substance test.

2019 CrossFit Games Season

CrossFit Games Finish60th
2019 CrossFit Sanctionals
2019 CrossFit Open Rank4th
2019 Qualification MethodNational Champion

2018 CrossFit Games Season

2018 CrossFit Games Finish
2018 CrossFit Open Rank164th

2017 CrossFit Games Season

2017 CrossFit Games Finish
2017 CrossFit Open Rank135th

2016 CrossFit Games Season

2016 CrossFit Games Finish
2016 CrossFit Open Rank277th