Kettlebell Kitchen Closes Its Doors. Brooke Ence is Back.

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My name is Ben Garves and today is Friday, the 8th of November, 2019. 

Kettlebell Kitchen Closes Its Doors

Those familiar with meal delivery services making it easier to manage macros are very familiar with the name “Kettlebell Kitchen”. While the prepared meal service had a history of lacking in customer service, they made up for it with very well-prepared and tasty meals. After raising nearly $27 million in capital in 2018, the company emailed customers and prospects yesterday to announce they are shutting down. 

We have very little information about who, what, when, where, and most importantly, why. Just a note that the company has closed their doors and they are recommending a competitor called “Territory” as an alternative. Members on Reddit have made mentions of not receiving their latest shipments, nor refunds for purchases they haven’t received. 

The company was widespread in their efforts to market their products, sponsoring athletes, podcasts, and countless YouTube advertisements. This leaves some in speculation as to financial troubles causing this latest move, while some are speculating the company is planning to pivot to another business model. Time will tell. In the meantime, some alternative services are Territory Foods, Factor 75, and Eat Clean Bro.

According to all news services reporting on this, including myself, we have been unable to get any comment from Kettlebell Kitchen.

CrossFit Open 20.5 Workout

We watched the announcements, many of them, of the 20.5 CrossFit Open workout last night, and it definitely is unique. It takes cues from last season’s 19.1 workout with wall balls and rowing, but tosses in some bonus muscle-ups. The workout is:

  • 40 muscle-ups
  • 80 calories of rowing
  • 120 wall balls

We are completing all of these for time, and can partition them in any way we wish. According to CrossFit:

“Athletes may perform the movements in any order, and the reps can be divided up in any manner. There are no restrictions on the sequence or combinations of movements, or their corresponding repetitions. The repetitions of one movement do not have to be completed before the athlete can accumulate reps of another movement.”

Yes! This means if you are still working on your muscle-ups, you can start with alternating between rounds of rowing and wall balls, saving your muscle-up attempts for the end. Although, general consensus for beginners is to divide this into eight rounds, and at least try one muscle up at the end of each round.

Suddenly, Dave Castro’s clue makes total sense. Pick your poison. Do you want the spoon first, or are you going with the fork?

AMRAP Roundup

Today’s AMRAP Roundup has only two stories. In this segment, I hit you with (gently, gently hit you with) top headlines. If you want to read these stories more in-depth, you can find links to all of them by visiting the show notes at

  • Two athletes have withdrawn from the Torian Pro. Katelyn Van Zyl and Kara Saunders have stepped back from the competition to focus on the final CrossFit Open workout. Both are within striking distance of earning an invite to the CrossFit Games through the Open and will be taking the weekend to double-down. Brittney Kleyn at Morning Chalk Up broke this story.
  • Brooke Ence announced on her podcast this week that she will be returning to competition for the first time since an injury in 2017 and spinal surgery in 2018. She’ll be headed to the West Coast Classic on a special invite as the 2015 California Regional champion.

And that’s it for news about CrossFit on Friday, November 8th. Happy fitnessing tonight for your final CrossFit Open workout of the season. You made it, and we’re all proud.

Thanks again for being a loyal fan and listener. For WODDITY, I’m Ben Garves. Unless something breaks, we will chat on Monday.

By Ben Garves

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