Katrin Davidsdottir: 2019 CrossFit Games Athlete

Katrin Davidsdottir (Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir) is a two-time CrossFit Games Fittest Woman on Earth. She has made seven CrossFit Games appearances since 2012 and released her first book in 2019.

GymCrossFit New England
CoachBen Bergeron
Height5′ 7″

2019 CrossFit Games Season

CrossFit Games Finish4th
2019 CrossFit SanctionalsCrossFit Fittest in Cape Town – 1st
Rogue Invitational – 4th
2019 CrossFit Open Rank13th
2019 Qualification MethodCrossFit Open

2019 CrossFit Games Pictures

2018 CrossFit Games Season

2018 CrossFit Games Finish3rd
2018 CrossFit Open Rank8th

2017 CrossFit Games Season

2017 CrossFit Games Finish5th
2017 CrossFit Open Rank10th

2016 CrossFit Games Season

2016 CrossFit Games Finish1st
2016 CrossFit Open Rank14th

2015 CrossFit Games Season

2015 CrossFit Games Finish1st
2015 CrossFit Open Rank14th

2014 CrossFit Games Season

2014 CrossFit Games Finish
2014 CrossFit Open Rank122nd

2013 CrossFit Games Season

2013 CrossFit Games Finish24th
2013 CrossFit Open Rank37th

2012 CrossFit Games Season

2012 CrossFit Games Finish30th
2012 CrossFit Open Rank21st

Katrin Davidsdottir Before CrossFit

Davidsdottir was born in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1993. Helgi Ágústsson, her grandfather, was the Icelandic ambassador to the United States. Davidsdottir grew up competing in gymnastics. She spent ten years in the sport and one year in track and field before trying CrossFit in September of 2011.

Katrin Davidsdottir CrossFit Games Career

In her early CrossFit career, Davidsdottir worked out at CrossFit Reykjavik. The gym is partly owned by Katrin’s friend and inspiration, Annie Thorisdottir.

CrossFit Games 2012

Less than a year into CrossFit, Katrin Davidsdottir took 21st in the 2012 CrossFit Open. Her second-place finish in the Europe regional earned her a ticket to the CrossFit Games. She took 30th that year, in what would be the first of many Games appearances.

CrossFit Games 2013

After her breakout season, Davidsdottir fell to 37th in the 2013 CrossFit Open. Third place in the Europe regional still earned her a return to the CrossFit Games. That year she was able to climb to 24th in the world.

CrossFit Games 2014

Katrin Davidsdottir views the 2014 CrossFit season as a defining moment in her career. She dropped to 122nd-overall in the 2014 CrossFit Open. Her return to a third Europe regional event showed holes in her training. Struggles with leg-less rope climbs resulted in a sixth-place finish. Katrin would not earn an invite to the 2014 CrossFit Games.

CrossFit Games 2015

Coming back from the frustrations of her 2014 season, Davidsdottir looked like an athlete reborn. She placed fourteenth in the 2014 CrossFit Open before winning the Meridian regional. In a dominating performance, Davidsdottir then won the 2015 CrossFit Games. She credits her 2014 failure for the change in training and mentality that took her to the podium.

The win was documented by Marston Sawyers and Heber Cannon in the Fittest on Earth documentary.

CrossFit Games 2016

In 2015, Davidsdottir moved her official home to CrossFit New England. Training with coach and former Games team athlete Ben Bergeron (also an author), she took 14th in the 2016 Open. In her first year at an American regional, Katrin took first in the East region.

She would go on to repeat her 2015 success and take the title of 2016’s Fittest Woman on Earth. CrossFit documented her 2016 CrossFit Games performance in the Fittest on Earth: A Decade of Fitness documentary. Marston Sawyers and Heber Cannon (the Buttery Bros) were primary contributors to the documentary.

Davidsdottir’s 2016 championship made her only the second woman in history to win two CrossFit Games. The first athlete was Annie Thorisdottir in 2011 and 2012.

CrossFit Games 2017

Returning as a two-time champion, Davidsdottir had one of her best ever CrossFit Open performances. She earned tenth-place in the 2017 CrossFit Open and second in the East regional. With the rise of Tia-Clair Toomey, Davidsdottir placed fifth at the 2017 CrossFit Games.

CrossFit Games 2018

Davidsdottir continued work on her weaknesses with her best CrossFit Open finish in 8th-place in 2018. After winning the East regional that year, she made her return to the CrossFit Games podium. Her third place finish followed Tia-Clair Toomey’s second championship and Rookie of the Year phenom Laura Horvath.

CrossFit Games 2019

In 2019, Katrin Davidsdottir embraced changes to the CrossFit Games changes. She placed 13th in the CrossFit Open, but also competed in new Sanctional events. She won CrossFit’s Fittest in Cape Town and took fourth at the Rogue Invitational. After nearly being cut, Davidsdottir made a late climb of the leaderboard to take fourth-overall.

Katrin Davidsdottir Book: Dottir

Following the 2019 CrossFit Games, Davidsdottir published her first book. Co-authored by Rory McKernan, Dottir was originally set for release at the 2017 CrossFit Games. The book details Davidsdottir’s journey to becoming a two-time champion.

Katrin Davidsdottir Gear

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