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Tonight at 5:00 PM PT, the 2019 CrossFit Open kicks off with the announcement of 19.1. The largest participatory fitness event, the Open, brings together athletes from across the world over the next five weeks. Registered athletes will have until 5:00 PM PT Monday to submit their scores each week and you have until February 25 to register.

At the end of the five weeks, national champions and the top 20 worldwide will go on to compete at the CrossFit Games in Madison, WI in August.

Live Open Announcements

There are three locations hosting simultaneous live announcements: France, England and Brazil. All three of these live streams will be hosted on

Strength in Depth, the sanctioned event kicking off this weekend in London, is pitting Sam Briggs against Kelly Friel and Steve Fawcett. You can follow Strength in Depth on their Instagram, their Facebook, and their Livestream.

Side Note:

You should follow Strength in Depth all weekend, not just for 19.1. At the end of the weekend, we’ll have another male, female, and team on their way to the 2019 CrossFit Games.

You can also follow along through CrossFit Saurus in Sao Paulo. The 19.1 announcement there will be in Portuguese and top Brazilian athletes have been invited to throwdown. Or, tune in to CrossFit French Throwdown, who will host a 19.1 Announcement through CrossFit France.

From: Morning Chalk Up