CrossFit Open 19.4 Announcement & Live Stream: How to Watch

You can watch the 19.4 announcement for free on live webcasts from at four CrossFit affiliates this week.

You’ll notice those affiliates have yet to be announced. Keep an eye on this page for updates. Excitingly, this announcement will stick to the mold of having a live demonstration with professional athletes.

Why watch the professionals? Seeing athletes go head-to-head can help you with your strategy with 19.4. For example, the 19.3 event featured veterans Lauren Fisher and Alessandra Pichelli and informed our Ultimate 19.3 Guide.

19.4 Live Stream – How To Watch

The 19.4 live stream will start at 5 PM Pacific on the CrossFit Games website. These streams are free to everyone and typically start one or two minutes before the hour. In previous weeks, CrossFit affiliates have hosted an intro video starting around 4 PM Pacific.

Additional Information

WeRFitness provides a ton of extra information when details are available. While waiting, watch here for bios on participating athletes, history on participating affiliates, and any additional details you may find useful.

CrossFit confirmed via Instagram Thursday that the english announcement would take place at CrossFit NCR in Canada. Going head-to-head will be Patrick Vellner, Craig Kenney, Paul Tremblay, and more.

CrossFit NCR also posted a video to Instagram:

Are you excited for the live stream of the 19.4 CrossFit Open workout announcement?

Dave Castro is excited for 19.4, according to Seam Woodland and Tommy Marquez of the Talking Elite Fitness Podcast. “This is an open workout I could see being programmed at the Games.”

Casto has been very busy planning a wild start to the Games season. As with previous weeks, the fourth workout of the Open will be released on Thursday this week.

Affiliates Abroad

Casting from multiple countries, you’ll also be able to watch the 19.4 CrossFit Open live announcement in multiple languages.

According to Talking Elite Fitness, at least two of the hosting nations this week will be Brazil and the Netherlands.


The Brazilian announcement with put an upcoming talent against a Games veteran. To do this, they’ve recruited young phenom Guilherme Malhieros to go head-to-head with a physically talented EZ Muhammad.

The Netherlands

This event, hosted by the creators of the Lowlands Throwdown, will bring back the team who won Fittest in Cape Town: Team Vondelgym. They’ll be announcing live from Mobilis CrossFit Amsterdam.


CrossFit published its live stream at 3PM Central, showing a fourth live event happening in Italy. Athletes include Bernard Luzi and Matilde Orlandoni.

19.4 Live Stream Workout Strategy

Interested in the best strategies for completing the 19.4 CrossFit Open workout? Each week, WeRFitness publishes an Ultimate Guide to Open Workouts – you can read our Ultimate Gide to 19.3 on our site now. Be sure to check back on the WeRFitness home page for details on Friday morning.

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