How to Watch CrossFit Open 19.3 Announcement & Live Stream

UPDATE August 1, 2019: We have the 2019 CrossFit Games Live Stream, also! Check it out here.

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Following the standard CrossFit Open cadence, the third workout of the 2019 season (19.3) will be released on Thursday via a live announcement from a CrossFit affiliate.

That affiliate will be Diablo CrossFit, a prominent gym in Pleasant Hill California. Like in previous weeks, the announcement will be followed by a live demonstration with athletes going head-to-head in the workout. The 19.3 event will feature veterans Lauren Fisher and Alessandra Pichelli.

How To Watch

Announcement livestreams will start at 5PM Pacific on the CrossFit Games website.

Following the workout reveal, CrossFit Games veterans Lauren Fisher and Alessandra Pichelli will be going head-to-head during the live announcement.

Additional Information

Fisher, competing on the CrossFit Invictus team with Rasmus Andersen, Tommy Vinas, and Regan Huckaby, has opted to compete in the open despite her team’s existing qualification.

On the other hand, Alessandra Pichelli is competing under her dual Italian citizenship and sits in third place after week one. Unless she qualifies in a sanctioned qualifier event, she must pass Manila Pennacchio and Marta Ricottini in order to gain a berth at the 2020 CrossFit Games.

Diablo CrossFit is a tenured gym, founded in 2005 as the 47th official CrossFit affiliate. It is owned by Craig and Yvonne Howard, who’ve been married for more than 25 years.

Affiliates Abroad

We have confirmed announcements will simultaneously be cast from Argentina and Spain. We will update this section as details are received.


As the CrossFit Games site updated with the live stream embeds for today, it became clear Iceland would also have a live workout announcement. Participating athletes and the hosting affiliate are still unavailable as of 2PM Pacific on Thursday, the 7th of March.

Update at 4PM Pacific: a preliminary video has gone live which shows an appearance from CrossFit Games veteran Annie Thorisdottir. The video announces the athletes going head-to-head will be Frederik Aegidius and BK Gudmundsson.


Tuluka Fitness in Buenos Aires, Argentina will host a Latin American live stream in Spanish. This will be available at 7 PM Central (5 PM Pacific) at the CrossFit Games website.


Much like the Iceland announcement event, the gym and participating athletes are still to be announced as of 2PM Pacific on Thursday, the 7th of March.

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