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‘Aging’ is the topic of the day, as a research article published mid-July found an association between older participants’ physical fitness and their bone mass and structure. What does that mean? Older people who stayed physically fit had healthier, stronger bones.

The study looked at 129 participants between the ages of 70 and 81 and found the correlation to be stronger in men than in women, but the vast majority of the participants were women. Just an odd observation I made when reading it. 

The write up states:

“Aging results in a progressive and generalized impairment of several bodily functions, an increased vulnerability to environmental challenges, and a growing risk of disease and death [2]. The aging process entails a decrease of both muscle and bone tissue, which may increase the incidence of osteoporosis and the risk of suffering falls and fractures [3].”

It may seem logical, but the research showed active seniors were in much better health and an improved state of well-being when compared with their inactive counterparts. Researchers say these improvements do appear to be related to their physical fitness levels.

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