Final Day: Reykjavik CrossFit Championship Live Blog

We are celebrating the final day of the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship. Competition has been tough, athletes have been putting up incredible performances, and we’re pumped to report the final results today. Be sure to refresh often for the latest updates from our Reykjavik CrossFit Championship live blog.

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Reykjavik CrossFit Championship Live: Sunday, May 5

Final Standings

Women Champions
  1. Jacqueline Dahlstróm – 730 points
  2. Haley Adams – 723 points
  3. Anna Fragkou – 692 points
Men Champions
  1. Björgvin K. Guðmundsson – 782 Points
  2. Hinrik Ingi Óskarsson – 690 Points
  3. Will Moorad – 682 points
Team Champions
  1. Team JST Compete wins with 846 points
  2. Invictus Boston – 809 points
  3. Superhero Project – 760 points

Event 9 Workout (WOD 9): Finals and “The Vikings”

2009 CrossFit Games Chipper:

  • 15 Cleans (155/100 lb.)
  • 30 Toes-to-Bars
  • 30 Box Jumps (24/20 in.)
  • 15 Muscle-ups
  • 30 Dumbbell Push Presses (40/25 lb.)
  • 30 Double-unders
  • 15 Thrusters (135/95 lb.)
  • 30 Pull-ups
  • 30 Burpees
  • 300-foot Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25 lb.)

10:45 AM Central – Scores will be tabulated to determine how Dahlstrøm and Adams did with reps before the time cap. Stay tuned for official Reykjavik CrossFit Championship standings.

10:44 AM Central – Fragkou wins the event! She is closely followed by Thuri Helgadottir, which may have just crossed the finish line before the time cap.

10:43 AM CentralThuri Helgadottir is in third, currently. Finishing her pull-ups.

10:41 AM Central – Anna Fragkou’s lead is so giant, she’s walking back for her pull-ups.

10:40 AM Central – Fragkou has moved on to the double-unders. Tori Dyson is right behind her.

10:39 AM Central – Haley Adams is looking like a perfectly-timed pendulum on her muscle-ups. She has yet to catch Dahlstrøm, who has moved on to the dumbbell push presses.

10:38 AM Central – We can’t type fast enough. Fragkou is already on her ring muscle-ups.

10:38 AM Central – Anna Fragkou is the first athlete on to the box jump-overs.

10:36 AM Central – Dahlstrøm is the first athlete back to the bar for toes-to-bar.

10:35 AM Central – Go! Ladies are on to their set of 15 cleans in this daunting chipper.

10:32 AM CentralJacqueline Dahlstrøm is sitting in first on the overall leaderboard, closely followed by Haley Adams. The gap is only three points.

10:29 AM Central – The floor will be reset for the final female event of the 2019 Reykjavik CrossFit Championship.


10:28 AM Central – BK Gudmundsson wins his second ticket to Madison for the 2019 CrossFit Games (which will go to Hinrik Ingi Óskarsson) and takes another event win.

10:26 AM Central – BK Gudmundsson is the first athlete on to the burpees.

10:25 AM CentralHinrik Ingi Óskarsson has moved on to his set of 30 pull-ups.

10:24 AM Central – Óskarsson’s thrusters are looking much slower than other athletes, but he still leads. Will Moorad does not look likely to catch him.

10:24 AM Central – Athletes have powered through their dumbbell push presses and are moving on to the double-unders. The leader is currently Hinrik Ingi Óskarsson.

10:23 AM Central – Will Moorad is pacing himself, but may be playing it too cautiously.

10:22 AM Central – Hinrik and Gudmundsson are first to the muscle ups, followed closely by Roman Khrennikov.

10:20 AM Central – Second place is Hinrik Ingi Óskarsson, followed closely by Will Moorad in third.

10:16 AM Central – The ten highest-ranking male athletes are headed to the floor. Because BK Gudmundsson has already qualified for the CrossFit Games, the second place finisher will punch their ticket.

10:15 AM Central – Men were originally scheduled to start their final event at 10:10 AM. It looks like this will be pushed 5-10 minutes while the event floor is reset from the final team events.

Team Final

10:12 AM Central – That’s it, ya’ll. Teams are finished. Stayed tuned for final scores and the individual events from the WeRFitness 2019 Reykjavik CrossFit Championship live blog.

10:11 AM Central – Big Dogs from 12 Labours wins, Mayhem Independence in second.

10:09 AM Central – Athletes are on to their second set of double-unders. 12 Labours and Mayhem Independence are first to the burpees.

10:07 AM Central – It’s worth noting Rich Froning-mentored CrossFit Mayhem Independence has not led in any of these events. On the fourth portion of this workout, we have double-unders and burpees.

10:05 AM Central – Short of a major slip-up in the fourth part of this event, JST Compete looks to have qualified for the CrossFit Games. We can only assume they will replace Sam Biggs, as she is a top contender for the title of Fittest Woman on Earth. She stepped onto the team for an injured Emma McQuaid.

10:03 AM Central – CrossFit Tirus is on to their final set of thrusters and is in the lead. They win part three of this four-part event.

10:03 AM CentralKelsey Kiel has slipped to third with CrossFit Invictus Boston.

10:02 AM Central – Superhero Project is first back to the rig with Kelsey Kiel of Invictus Boston in second.

10:02 AM Central – Athlete number three is off for each team. 15 thrusters, 30 pull-ups. 60kg for guys, 42.5 kg for women.

10:00 AM Central – The third workout will be thrusters and pull-ups. Kelsey Kiel is on the floor for CrossFit Invictus Boston.

9:58 AM Central – JST Compete takes first in the second event, Invictus Boston take second, and The Tractor takes third. Most athletes in this event were male. CrossFit Reykjavik still on the floor.

9:56 AM CentralSteve Fawcett of JST Compete is first back to the muscle ups.

9:55 AM Central – The second part of this workout sends an athlete out for ring muscle-ups and box jump-overs.

9:54 AM Central – 2013 CrossFit Games champion Samantha Briggs, representing team JST Compete wins the first part of this workout.

9:52 AM Central – Sam Briggs and JST Compete are tearing it up. Big Dreams are trying to pass The Superhero Project.

9:50 AM Central – Athlete number one from the teams will face 15-12-9 squat clean and 30-18-12 toes-to bar. Only two teams have sent their male athlete out first. Craig Kenney is starting for Invictus Boston and Sam Briggs kicks off for JST Compete.

Event 8 Workout (WOD 8): Fast

As fast as possible, complete three rounds of:

  • 10 deadlifts (120 kg for men, 85 kg for women)
  • 10 burpees

Athletes will have a five-minute time cap.

The event 8 leaderboard standings. Leaderboard courtesy of Reykjavik CrossFit Championship and WODcast.
The event 8 leaderboard standings. Leaderboard courtesy of Reykjavik CrossFit Championship and WODcast.

9:12 AM Central – Male standings right now are BK Gudmundsson in first, Hinrik Ingi Óskarsson in second, and Will Moorad in third. Paul Tremblay is right outside the bubble, in fourth.

9:09 AM Central – It looks like event staff may be taking down the Rogue rig for event 9, entitled “The Vikings”.

9:08 AM Central – The event is won by Anna Fragkou with an unofficial time of 1:43.

9:08 AM Central – Fragkou charges ahead into the final round of deadlifts.

9:07 AM Central – Anna Fragkou is the first to move into her second round of deadlifts.

9:06 AM Central – And they’re off to the first set of ten deadlifts.

9:04 AM Central – The final heat of women are taking to the floor for “Fast”. Three rounds for time of ten deadlifts at 85 kilograms and ten lateral burpees over the bar.

9:00 AM Central – After struggling on handstand push-ups in event seven, Stephanie McGuffie of CrossFit Brigade takes heat two on event eight at the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship.

8:53 AM Central – Heat 1 is taken by Carole Castellani with 2:08.

8:52 AM CentralCarole Castellani, the national champion of France, is on to her last set of burpees.

8:51 AM Central – The first heat is on to their second round of burpees and deadlifts.

8:49 AM Central – We are one minute out from the start of the first heat of women on Event 8.

8:37 AM Central – It is confirmed. The Reykjavik CrossFit Championship live stream will start up again at 6:50 AM for the women taking on “Fast”. After that, we’re super excited to find out what the next workout “The Vikings” entails.


8:35 AM Central – Either way, Will Moorad takes this event. Women are set to hit the floor (literally – burpee joke) for Workout 8 “Fast” around 8:50 AM Central.

8:33 AM Central – Especially because the live stream just cut out again. 🙁 🙁

8:32 AM Central – Final set. Will Moorad crosses at 1:37. What a wild event. If you’re not watching the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship live, things are getting interesting.

8:30 AM Central – The world’s shortest heat has begun. Who will win? Will Moorad is the first to complete round 1.

8:29 AM Central – Here come the heavy hitters. Not sure Lukas Esslinger will be in this heat due to a back injury.

8:24 AM Central – Paul Tremblay demolishes his heat and the entire first heat with an unofficial time of 1:40.

8:34 AM Central – The heat will be over by the time we finish typing this.

8:21 AM Central – The second heat of male athletes are taking the field, headlined by Streat Hoerner.

8:20 AM Central – We have a leaderboard update. Haley Adams has pulled into first place, overall. She may be the first successful teen athlete to convert successfully into the professional level.

8:18 AM Central – He didn’t, though. The first heat finishes in less than two minutes. Good news: the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship live stream is back up.

8:17 AM Central – Let’s just say Justin Swart won this and move on to heat number two, shall we?

8:16 AM Central – Aaaaaaaaand the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship live stream is down. 🙁

8:15 AM Central – This is going to be quick!

8:13 AM Central – Athletes are taking the floor to face these heavy barbells.

8:03 AM Central – The first heat of men will kick off around 8:15 AM Central.

Event 7 Workout (WOD 7): Guns ‘N Shoulders

2 minutes to complete:

  • 10 Deficit Handstand Push-Ups
  • 20 Pistol Squats
  • Then, accumulate 75 Overhead Squats (47.5kg Women, 70kg Men)

When the timer hits 2 minutes, athletes have one minute to reset, then repeat the cycle until they hit 75 total overhead squats.

The workout 7 leaderboard at the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship live event. Leaderboard courtesy of Reykjavik CrossFit Championship and WODcast.
The workout 7 leaderboard at the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship live event. Leaderboard courtesy of Reykjavik CrossFit Championship and WODcast.

8:00 AM Central – Looks like Anna Fragkou and Haley Adams take second and third.

7:59 AM Central – All other athletes are headed into their final round. Who will take second and third?

7:57 AM Central – Dahlstrøm dominates this event and is the workout winner at an unofficial 7:45 time.

7:56 AM Central – This is an incredible performance from Jacqueline Dahlstrøm, sitting at well over 50 reps.

7:55 AM CentralJacqueline Dahlstrøm of CrossFit C23 cranks out more than 30 reps of the overhead squat – a pace that puts her solidly in the lead if she can maintain it. Tori Dyson is looking FASH on the deficit handstand push-ups.

7:51 AM Central – And so begins the final heat of women in the CrossFit Reykjavik Championship workout 7: Guns ‘N Shoulders. Tori Dyson is the first athlete into the overhead squats. She’s followed closely by Thuri Helgadottir.

7:45 AM Central – Emelye Dwyer finishes a few seconds behind Lea Schmidt’s time. Schmidt leads headed into the final heat.

7:42 AM CentralDwyer struggles a little bit with her handstand push-ups but is still the first athlete back to the bar for her final 25 overhead squats.

7:40 AM Central – The heat is still being led by Emelye Dwyer. She has passed 50 reps.

7:38 AM CentralEmelye Dwyer is leading the heat with just over 25 reps.

7:35 AM Central – The second heat of woman has kicked off. They’re headed into their ten deficit handstand push-ups, followed by 20 pistols.

7:31 AM Central – Lea Schmidt cranks out her remaining four reps and crosses the finish line.

7:29 AM Central – Nobody makes it out of this heat. All athletes are headed into the fourth round.

7:27 AM Central – Schmidt is back to the overhead squat bar and is trying to close this out before the fourth round.

7:25 AM CentralLea Schmidt is at 51 reps headed into the third round.

7:22 AM Central – The first heat of women are starting into the second round. They are being led by Lea Scmidt of CrossFit Fibonacci.

7:06 AM Central – Final athletes in the final heat of men are finishing and the floor will be reset.


7:05 AM CentralBK Gudmundsson wins the second heat, followed closely by Will Moorad.

7:03 AM Central – Nobody in this heat completes their overhead squats before the end of this round. This means three athletes from the second heat win the event: Paul Tremblay, Streat Hoerner, and Ben Stoneberg.

7:02 AM CentralBK Gudmundsson trying to make a move. He’s the first athletes off to his pistols.

7:00 AM Central – Khrennikov is trying to catch Will Moorad on the overhead squats, but Moorad holds onto his lead.

6:59 AM Central – The first athlete back to the squat bar is Roman Khrennikov.

5:58 AM CentralWill Moorad is the first to complete 25 reps of the overhead squats. We’re at the one minute of rest before the second round. Athletes are getting set back at the deficit handstand push-ups.

6:57 AM CentralRoman Khrennikov is the first to the overhead squats.

6:55 AM Central – The final heat of men are getting started. Roman Khrennikov, Will Moorad, and Kristof Horvath‘s efforts from yesterday have bumped them up to this heat.

6:47 AM CentralPaul Tremblay wins the heat! 7:43 with Streat Hoerner following close behind at 7:44.

6:45 AM CentralPaul Tremblay and Streat Hoerner are leading. Tremblay is at 58 overhead squat reps.

6:39 AM Central – The second heat of men are being called out.

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