Dave Castro’s 2020 CrossFit Games Clues

Dave Castro has started posting clues for the 2020 CrossFit Games, Elite Sports Insider is profiling CrossFit athletes, and Matt Chan takes on Joe Thomas.

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My name is Ben Garves and today is Thursday, the 28th of May, 2020. Don’t forget, links to all of these stories are in the show notes of your friendly neighborhood podcasting app, as well as on the new WODDITY.com.

Elite Sports Insider

After a two week hiatus, Elite Sports Insider is back this weekend. ESI is our weekly YouTube live show, run like a poor man’s do-it-yourself SportsCenter with the tagline, “Please don’t sue us.” I’m so beyond excited for this week’s episode because it kicks off a six week series. Yes! Six weeks! Each week, for the next month and a half, we are profiling ten CrossFit athletes who have received invites to the 2020 CrossFit Games. Ten athletes a week for six weeks covers the full field of sixty athletes invited to the CrossFit Ranch in Aromas, California. And that even leaves us with a little bit of time to cover any athletes who received trickle-down invites from international athletes forced to decline due to travel restrictions.

I love doing the show, but I needed the vacation, ya’ll. Find a link to Elite Sports Insider in the show notes and at WODDITY.com – we stream 20-30 minute episodes every sunday at noon Eastern. Click the reminder button and YouTube will let you know when the live stream starts. This week we’re looking at athletes like Andrea Nisler, Björgvin Karl Gudmundsson, Cole Sager, Gabriela Migala, and Karin Freyova. To name a few.

Dave Castro’s 2020 CrossFit Games Clues

CrossFit Games Director and Director…of…Training…or…whatever Dave Castro’s second job at CrossFit is…

Dave Castro has started into CrossFit Games workout teaser season this week, by posting a video to his Instagram story that skirts around the edges of a whiteboard we know is filled with all sorts of workout treachery. The board lists Friday, Saturday, Sunday – suggesting a three-day event. In the Friday section we see “ab” and “ski erg” listed with question marks. We see a miscellaneous note next to Friday that says “CF x3” – which can be interpreted to be three events on Friday. Along the top of the board are three columns, labeled “M”, “G”, and “W” for what would probably be Metcon, Gymnastics, and Weightlifting.

Either way, this story is not lost in time. I’ve captured it and uploaded it to WODDITY’s YouTube channel for your perusal. Feel free to watch it as many times as you want and comment with what your theories are. I’d love to hear them.

CrossFit Headlines

We have two quick stories for headlines this morning.

ELFIT CrossFit Championship Cancellation

Many in the CrossFit Community were excited for the first CrossFit Sanctional in Egypt this year, but the ELFIT CrossFit Championship took to Instagram yesterday to announce they have decided to change the event from June to be fully postponed until the 2021 season. 

Matt Chan on NBC’s Titan Games

Long-time CrossFit Games athlete Matt Chan took on former NFL athlete Joe Thomas on NBC’s Titan Games this week. It was an awesome performance that saw an early stumble and Chan come back from a huge deficit to beat Thomas to the final item, then lose in the last moment. Chan’s hopes for the competition are still alive, but he will have to fight his way through a loser’s bracket. 

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