CrossFit’s 10-Year Affiliate Summit, Mat Fraser’s New Coach, CrossFit Open Judge Certification

Did you catch the second episode of Road Warrior Fitness last night? I’m not taking it personally if you haven’t, but I will if you don’t. It’s worth it just to watch the dog do burpees. I’ve put the link in my show notes at, but you can also find the show by searching YouTube for Ben Garves

BoxRox has confirmed with Tia-Clair Toomey that her husband and coach, Shane Orr, is also programming for Mat Fraser. The four-time consecutive fittest man on earth does his morning and afternoon sessions with Toomey and Orr, with Orr focusing in on the things Fraser needs to fine-tune.

CrossFit has tweeted from their CrossFit Games Twitter account that any 2019 CrossFit Open judges will not be required to re-take the judge certification course in order to be a formal judge for the 2020 Open, coming up in two weeks. As long as the course was completed in 2019, the certification is still valid.

I announced earlier this week that a number of high-profile CrossFit Games athletes will be taking on Hunter McIntyre in a Spartan Beast this weekend. Those names are Chandler Smith, Jacob Heppner, Sean Sweeney, and Emma Chapman. Morning Chalk Up dug deeper into it and and gave an in-depth write-up, if you want to read more about what’s going on in Lake Tahoe tomorrow. Always love the work Morning Chalk Up does – check the show notes at for a link to the article. I’ve heard there will be a live stream of the Spartan, but have not been able to confirm how closely it will be following these athletes.

Also from Morning Chalk Up is a takeaways article on the 10-Year Affiliate Summit, which took place in Whistler last weekend. The daily newsletter was one of the only outsiders allowed into the exclusive event, which brought 193 affiliate gyms from 18 countries. This was the first official gathering of affiliates since a 2013 event in Big Sky, Montana.

Greg Glassman, CrossFit’s owner and chairman, and pseudo CEO, talked about the company’s unique position and goals to continue to take on the growth of chronic disease, focusing on overweight and unlikely adopters. Glassman has taken many steps to redirect the company’s focus and investments away from competitive fitness and focus on the hundreds of stories of 100-plus-pound weight loss, women, mothers, fathers, aging generations, those with debilitating conditions, chronic disease, developmental handicaps, and under-served communities. This includes their legal fights against corrupted nutrition guidance favoring processed foods and sugars, soda company influences, governmental regulation of trainer certifications with a bias toward less functional and less effective fitness, and on and on.

Morning Chalk Up writes, and I quote, “Glassman believes whole-heartedly that the affiliates are the place to make a significant dent in reversing chronic diseases brought on by sedentary lifestyle and high-carb diets.”

Let me also clarify by saying the goal isn’t the elimination of carbs, the goal is the elimination of bad carbohydrates: those lacking additional nutritional value, those lacking fiber, those causing severe spikes in insulin, and those coming from sports or energy drinks claiming to be healthy but largely being sugar-based.

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By Ben Garves

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