CrossFit Games Stay in Madison Through 2023

We have found some clues as to CrossFit’s plans for the future location of the CrossFit Games through 2023, and it’s not a gigantic surprise.

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My name is Ben Garves and today is Tuesday, the 11th of February, 2020.

Diversity in CrossFit

I hope you’ve enjoyed the first two installments of our Black History Month special episodes featuring stories about diversity in CrossFit. We’ll pick the series back up on Friday, but in the meantime, we’re back here to bring you some fresh news.

Two major changes we’ve been expecting for the CrossFit Games after this 2020 season is the expiration of CrossFit’s contract with Reebok as the title sponsor of the Games, along with this being the final year of the company’s contract with the city of Madison, Wisconsin.

The entire Madison community have been gracious hosts, going on four years now, after CrossFit relocated the home of the CrossFit Games from Carson, California after the 2016 season. In a new filing with the city of Madison, CrossFit has requested use of the Olin-Turville Park next to the Alliant Energy Center, where CrossFIt has held swim, paddle, and running events in previous years. 

Documents: CrossFit Games to Remain in Madison

The filing, which was headed to the Board of Park Commissioners and Finance Committees Monday night, tips CrossFit’s hand, stating they intend to keep the CrossFit Games in Madison through 2023.

This isn’t a tremendous surprise, as CrossFit and CrossFit Games leaders like Greg Glassman and Dave Castro have noted they enjoy the location, the close proximity to water resources, and that the smaller size of Madison makes it feel like CrossFit does a sort of “city takeover” during the event.

What the Filing Confirms

Here’s what we know from the document, which you can find in our show notes and at it’s specifically for the Olin-Turville Park, so details about the Alliant Energy Center are likely to follow or remain a secret until closer to the Games. 

CrossFit has to notify the City of Madison no later than April 1st about their intent to use the park, and the agreement is contingent on the CrossFit Games staying in Madison through the end of the 2023 season. Park use is flexible, allowing CrossFit morning and early afternoon exclusive access to the boat launch, Thursday through Friday. Most years, a swim event was held earlier in the Games, but that shifted in 2019, with the smaller post-cut field of athletes being much more manageable in the Swim Paddle event than the full National Champion field would have been.

Again, this isn’t fully confirmed, but it doesn look likely that the CrossFit Games will be staying in Madison for a few more years. 

Reebok CrossFit Games Title Sponsor

As for Reebok as the title sponsor, the only details we have is that Greg Glassman has stated publicly that he likes the idea of running the event without a title sponsor for a few years. Whether this is true or just negotiation-oriented posturing, only time will tell.

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