A CrossFit Cruise and Dave Castro on Games Changes

Dave Castro opens up about the CrossFit Games changes. The WOD on the Waves CrossFit cruise is back and more epic than ever. 

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Toomey to Coach Intermediate WCC Team

Team Richey took to their YouTube channel yesterday to announce Jasmine will be joining Sammy Moniz and Michelle Workun-Hill on an intermediate team of three at the West Coast Classic. That’s officially a team of Patrick Vellner’s fiance, Mat Fraser’s fiance, and a member of a premier CrossFit vlogging team. All are to be coached by none other than Tia-Clair Toomey.

CrossFit vs. HIIT Alternatives: F45, Orange Theory, Barry’s

Will Edmonds wrote a story for Morning Chalk Up about taking a brief hiatus from a CrossFit affiliate to try a group fitness high-intensity interval training alternative and why he went back to CrossFit. I want to read you the primer, because it is GREAT.

Edmunds writes:

“I recently moved, forcing me to find a new box. There were 3 or 4 within a couple of miles of my new place, but there was also something else. A gym literally next door. It looked like a CrossFit box. It smelled like a CrossFit box. There was a rig, all the equipment was Rogue, Assault and Concept 2. Everyone sure looked like CrossFitters in their No Bulls and Metcons. There were ripped guys with no shirts on, moms, people in their 20’s through to their 60’s — everyone you’d expect at a regular CrossFit box. 

In fact, among my non-CrossFit friends, upon hearing where I was moving to, without fail, told me the place next door was a CrossFit gym. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear many of the members there believed they do CrossFit.  

But they definitely do not. 

So, what was different?”

You’ll have to read the article yourself for the dirty deets. I have a link to the full article in my show notes and at WODDITY.com.

WOD on the Waves CrossFit Cruise is Back for 2020

If you hadn’t heard, WOD on the Waves is back this year. The CrossFit-oriented cruise books out an entire ship and sails around the Caribbean doing workouts, seminars, and hanging with fitness royalty.

I was on their maiden voyage last year and it was an incredible experience. I worked out with Josh Bridges, Rich Froning, Brooke Wells, Chyna Cho, Dan Bailey, Margaux Alvarez, Patrick Vellner, and Annie Sakamoto. Not to mention attending seminars led by Chris Hinshaw and EC Synkowski.

I ate my weight in broccoli and chicken breast, threw 70-lb sandbags on a helicopter pad on the bow of the ship, and sailed through a lightning storm at night. These are some priceless memories I couldn’t have made anywhere else. 

If you want to join me on the exciting return of this crazy CrossFit cruise, I have a link with discount codes in the show notes and at WODDITY.com. Right now, the discounts are two really cool ones: a discount for we, the normal people, AND one if you want to bring your significant other for a romantic outing.

You’ll get a bottle of champagne, two commemorative WOD on the Waves glasses, and two 50-minute massages. That’s almost $500 in free stuff and only takes a $200 deposit at the time of booking. I’m in. See you in the ship’s spa. I can’t guarantee I’ll be wearing pants. No. Not like that. I’m always wearing shorts. Duh.

Couples discount code “LOVEBOAT”


General discount code “FITNESSM8”

Dave Castro on Pursuing Health

For the first time since 2016, Dave Castro joined Julie Foucher-Urcuyo on the Pursuing Health podcast. She asks him everything from the changes in his life since, and the changes to the Games. Here are some choice quotes:

“As far as the changes to the format and the changes to the actual system…that didn’t bother me too much. Because, if you paid attention closely to the Games throughout its history, we were constantly changing and tweaking and modifying. And change, I believe, is good. This came quickly, this came with not a lot of…let’s say…of all the changes made to the Games, some of these I didn’t influence as much as I have in the past, and that’s fine. That’s okay…I’m a good worker and also a good leader so I can be a good worker bee and follow orders well.”

“Not doing Open announcements and not going to the Regionals has been a huge weight off my shoulders.”

“I don’t watch any of them. I don’t pay attention to the programming of any of them. And I don’t really know what’s going on with any of them. And I won’t travel to any of them. Time is precious…I have a major CrossFit event that I run, that I’m responsible for, and I put a lot of energy and time into that. It’s very consuming and that’s great and that’s the only one I want to be involved with.”

“So far, in this format, I don’t think we’re leaving out the fittest in the world. Which is good. If in all these changes the fittest athletes weren’t making it to the Games, there’d be something wrong with it…arguably the Games could be just the top-20 in the Open and you’re not leaving anyone out…if you’re one of the fittest athletes in the world, you should be at the Games.”

As you can imagine, it’s an incredible interview and there is so much content I wish I could quote on here for you. But you don’t listen to this to hear me talk. Or maybe you do. Either way, check the show notes for a link to the full interview. I can promise you won’t regret the time you take.

And that’s it for news about CrossFit for Thursday, February 6th. Thanks for listening. Please be sure to rate, review, subscribe, and share. For WODDITY, I’m Ben Garves. We’ll chat tomorrow.

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