9 Stylish Colorways for the Reebok Nano X Release

We’ve now seen a total of nine Reebok Nano X colorways listed on Reebok.com, and two additional colorways (apparently secret, but not-so-secret) in the wild. Plus, Adrian Bozman made a podcast appearance and the Rogue Invitational has released more information about what their event is morphing into.

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My name is Ben Garves and today is Wednesday, the 22nd of April, 2020. 

Reebok Nano X Colorways for Launch

Colorways have been added to the Reebok Nano X website beyond the original black and white colors we saw in their big release date announcement.

Site note – the Reebok Nano X release date is May 5th or a week earlier if you’re a member of their Unlocked program.

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It looks like men and women will be getting different colors at the time of the shoe launch, with five colorways listed on the men’s and four listed on the women’s shoe pages. You can find pictures and links on WODDITY.com. 

Men’s Reebok Nano X Colors

  • Mystic Orchid (Black with purple accents)
  • Vivid Orange (Orange with black accents)
  • Cool Shadow (Light Gray with black accents)
  • Black with vivid orange and blue accents
  • White with black accents

Women’s Reebok Nano X Colors

  • Black with white accents
  • Violet Haze (with Mystic Orchid accents)
  • Cold Gray (Light gray with lighter gray accents)
  • White with fluid blue accents

Additional Colors Are Expected

We do expect to see two additional Reebok Nano X colors on the women’s side – those are black with white accents and white with a gum heel. Those shoes have been spotted on Instagram and elsewhere on the Reebok website. They’re not listed yet, but it looks like they’re coming.

In a quick honorable mention, BarBend did a feature on their first impressions for the Reebok Nano X, including pictures of the shoe they received.

Adrian “Boz” Bozman on Airey Bros Podcast

Now, if you’re a fan of CrossFit as a sport, you’re probably very familiar with Adrian “Boz” Bozman. He’s the Online Course Manager at CrossFit Inc., but is better known to fans as a head judge at the CrossFit Games and notorious for his epic no-rep photo. I have a little gift (as in present, but also a GIF) animation on WODDITY for you if you want a reminder.

Boz was on the Airey Bros podcast, talking about his journey with CrossFit, his take on everything going on in the world right now, and what CrossFit is doing to support the community. 

Adrian “Boz” Bozman

Rogue Invitational Online

And closing things out, Rogue continues to clarify what the Rogue Invitational will look like now that it’s going to be an online event. Morning Chalk Up is reporting an email went out to athletes this week stating team and legends competitions will be cancelled, with Rogue citing technical difficulties with moving those events to an online format.

The Invitational site itself has a lot of good information. It says:

“The Rogue leadership team has decided to move the Rogue Invitational in Columbus, Ohio to an online event.

Our goal is to stream from the athletes location to a live event that the whole world can watch. Same events team, we just have a new mission. The streamed event will take place on June 13-14.

Same prize money just on a different platform. We believe we can still bring people together for a great competition and will pivot our events staff to think differently.

Bringing 6,000 people from all over the world is not the right thing to do given the crisis the world faces today. We want to have an event where the athletes, spectators and vendors all feel safe without hesitation.

No need to ask for a refund, we are processing every ticket holder’s refund right now. You will get your money back.”

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